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5 Smart Ways To Tell Your Partner They're Gaining Weight Without Hurting Them

5 Smart Ways To Tell Your Partner They're Gaining Weight Without Hurting Them

If you're reading this article for advice, you can safely say that there's no easy way to do it. Just similar there's no easy way to break someone's heart. There is also no way to convey bad or sad news to someone who you love. Showing your partner that they may be getting a bit unwell during this pandemic belongs to that group. Do you know? No matter how anxious you speak, if it's to show someone's weakness, it's going to hurt. But one of the hardest pills to swallow in a relationship is knowing when to talk. Especially if it's for the good of your partner and your health. Don't misunderstand. The ideas here are not to promote a body type that men like, but a healthy one. If you notice your partner is avoiding keeping fit and dressing lightly, here's how you can relieve stress by telling them. Here's how to tell your partner they're gaining weight without hurting their feelings:


1. Don't go around in circles

Instead of you beating around the bush and trying to lay the groundwork for this super-heavy conversation that you don't mind hiding as much as you think. It's better to get straight to the point and without making your partner feel bad. They are strong enough to handle what the future holds. Relationships are stronger than we think and they can easily cope with some tough facts, presented and told gracefully.

2. Pay attention to the words you use

The hard part here isn't letting your partner know you're worried about their weight. But how do you do it. Using words similar "fat" or a final phrase comparing them to others is as good as getting shot in the leg. Instead, try to consider how your partner is feeling and talk to them about your concerns with a more subtle touch. Instead of saying "You look fat," just say how you feel they can work towards becoming healthier.

3. Act as if you are supportive

It's crucial that once you drop the bomb on your partner, you need to make sure they know you're here to support them and not just criticize them. It's hard enough for anyone to accept that they might lose the ball while staying fit, even in front of their team-mates. That is why your work is energized while processing information so as not to create a feeling of inferiority.

4. Clarify your intentions

While having this conversation on your own is like climbing a slippery slope, what makes it worse is when you don't express your intention to raise it in the first place. Be sure to let your partner understand that what you're saying doesn't mean they're less attractive, but that it's unhealthy. As long as you tell them it's more about health and not arrogance, they'll probably take it better.

5. Tell them you still love them

When our partner becomes the one to point out our flaws, it becomes very difficult to remember that despite constructive criticism, they still love us. Especially after tackling a sensitive subject like weight, couples tend to feel a little excited. So make sure to tell your partner how much you love them and nothing in this world can change that.

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