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7 Signs That You Are A Toxic Person In A Relationship

7 Signs That You Are A Toxic Person In A Relationship

Everything started off great, you two are great, the chemistry is undeniable, the desire to hook up is fun, and sparks fly everywhere. It's been a lover's paradise for as long as you can remember, until recently, when things started to look a little complicated. Constant fights, disagreements, endless arguments, and a lot of anger at the door are what suddenly happen to your relationship. But this is not the first time you have experienced this with your partner. It has happened before in your past relationships, where after a certain point things fell apart as quickly as they did. And while you're recovering from that weird feeling of deja-vu, it might be a good time to ask if you're the problem. Chances are if you've ever gone down this path, you could be a toxic person in your relationship. Here is a list of 7 signs that you are a toxic person in a relationship:

7 Signs That You Are A Toxic Person In A Relationship

1. Choosing to fight has become a habit

Where previously you were looking for a romantic dinner or a “delicious dessert” if you know what I mean, now what you want to start is fighting. The smallest things start to annoy you, and make the mountains of the western hills not seem strange to you.

2. You always think about yourself

A big part of being in a relationship is being aware of your partner's needs and when it stops, it's a warning sign that narcissism may be at play. Constantly thinking about your wants, feelings, needs, and moods, without thinking about your partner's feelings is a sign that you are harboring poison.

3. You often give ultimatums

Whenever there is disagreement in the relationship it ends with you giving an ultimatum to your partner. If there's a lot of "If you don't do this, I'll...", "If you do this, I won't..." persist in your relationship where you feel the need to use repeated threats to get their point of view, that's is a sign that you are becoming toxic.

4. You decide how they feel

When you start controlling your partner's reactions by telling them how they feel, that's one of the biggest toxic traits in a relationship. It also includes telling them that they often wrongly feel a certain way by badmouthing their feelings or casting doubts in their minds.

5. Emotional blackmail is a last resort

When nothing seems to be working and you still need to get what you want, tears and emotional drama become your ultimate weapon of choice. You rely on the appeal of their emotional side to get them to do what you want, and if that's not manipulation, we don't know what it is.

6. Punish your partner

Every now and then when your partner goes ahead and does what they want, whether it's standing up for what they believe in, meeting up with some friends, or staying up late at work, you decide to punish them in some way. Whether it's silence or abstaining from physical intimacy, this type of torture is a sure sign of toxicity.

7. Often play victim cards

One way to justify your behavior in a relationship is to tell yourself often that you're the one who always gets hurt. Playing "victim cards" is often well played, it's nothing more than simple manipulation. If you feel like you're projecting more than one of these traits into your relationship, it's time for you to look in the mirror and forget about it. Realizing that you are a toxic person doesn't have to be the final nail in the coffin, especially if you're willing to change for the better.

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