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6 Essential Things To Discuss Before Starting A Relationship To Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

6 Essential Things To Discuss Before Starting A Relationship To Avoid Unnecessary Conflict

The transition from simply talking to new person every day to starting dating and finally reaching a suitable relationship is often not easy. One day you tease them at 3:00 am. The next day you'll be grabbing a few drinks, and before you know it, you'll be making it official on Instagram. But before you do all that and decide to jump into a relationship first, it's important to keep all your cards on the table face down. I mean, clear things up before getting too involved with the problem. You know all those things like your favorite topping on pizza. Because if there's pineapple in it, it's better to throw it today than tomorrow. To save yourself and others from this type of scam, it's important that you reveal these six things about yourself before getting into a relationship with them, whether previously appeared or not. Here are 6 essential things to discuss before starting a relationship to avoid unnecessary conflict:


1. History of your dating

By this I don't mean that you have to write down the names of everyone you date. But it's good to share with people you've been involved with and from those past relationships, how many people you've dated. Who you broke up with and how many are still in touch with you.

2. Plan your future

It means if you start a relationship, everything is fine and suddenly after 4 months you realize that you have to go abroad to continue your higher education. The details you left out when you were dating and bam, you're still single. To avoid clashes in your relationship that could affect your entire being, it's advisable to have a frank talk about where you are going in life and see if the relationship will be able to continue according to those future plans.

3. Your political opinions

Sharing whether or not you are a Modi supporter is fine. But sharing your position on other common topics of discussion, from feminism to economics, human rights and the football team you support, is also important for discussion. These things are perspectives that shape you and your overall mindset, and you're better off finding out now if you are not on the same page than regretting it later.

4. Your hopes

Many couples often get involved and find themselves in a relationship before having a conversation about what it means and where it's headed. It is crucial that you discuss with your partner where you think you are going in this relationship. Whether it's just a step by step flow type scene, a committed partnership, or even something as fleeting as an affair. Talk about all that stuff.

5. Your addiction

Whether it's smoking, drunk, overeating in the same 10 friend seasons every day, or any other addiction you've been through. Educate yourself well before starting a new relationship to avoid problems in the future. After all, it's always better for your partner to be prepared for what you can expect than to surprise you.

6. Your mental health problems

The purpose of sharing your mental health concerns (if any) with someone you love and wants to be in a relationship with is to let them know that you are going through something so you don't have to feel alone in it. Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and the like have their own way of infiltrating your personal relationships. When that happens, having a partner by your side, ready, alert, and willing to support you, can be very beneficial.

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