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Men Share Unspoken Rules About Male Friendship

Men Share Unspoken Rules About Male Friendship

They say that women are very complicated. But the truth is that women don't understand men either. I've never seen a man introduce himself to another man. How do you guys know each other's names? Maybe that's why the words "bro" and "dude" were created.. Also, a friend's birthday is not that important to men and you are only expressing your love for "bhai" when you are lost.


If I were to conclude a male friendship, I would say it's a cool relationship without any drama. I mean, all two guys need to bond is a beer bottle or exercise and the next thing you know they're brothers for life. Women definitely don't get the friendship of men and how they work out. And someone with the same sentiments asked the Reddit guys the same thing. Here's what the men said when a user asked 'What is the unspoken rule among men that women have a hard time understanding to this day?' Here are some of the best answers about the importance of bromance relationships that most women don't get:

  • You can chat with your colleagues to their faces, but you will support them when they are not around.
  • Guys can be best friends for decades and have like two pictures of them together lol.
  • When your friend wants to do stupid things, you talk to him about why it is stupid, and you both agree that it is stupid. Then when he decides to do it, you say 'Well, what do you want me to do? Make this happen?'
  • Unless it's a pretty significant purchase, they don't pay each other back. 'Are you the one paying the hotel rent?', 'Good, I'll get golf and dinner. Does that make us agree?', 'Yes'
  • There is something so powerful in knowing that the next time you see Dudeguy. You have to go back to where you were 4 yrs ago and neither of you has to question it. Even if you're not the same person at the time, you can mentally return to that space and so can he. It is the axis of your personality.
  • Guys talk about fans, girls they're dating, and relationship issues all the time. Talking about sex on the other hand is very limited. Either you were wrong or you didn't.
  • Once you've finished the heated discussion, just leave it for the moment and move on. It is a perfectly healthy part of a man's life. Don't bring it up a few days later or every time the person bothers you or holds a grudge until you can talk to them again.
  • We could sit on the balcony together for hours and not talk. It's fine. We enjoyed it.
  • Out of 9/10 phone calls will take 60 seconds or less.
  • And the stronger the friendship, the louder the insult.

So, do all men know and follow these rules?

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