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5 Signs Your Partner Is Actually A Love Bomber

5 Signs Your Partner Is Actually A Love Bomber

Who doesn't like to be admired and pampered by their partner in a new relationship? Almost nobody. But if it happens too soon, too often, and you end up feeling overwhelmed by it, you're likely the victim of a love bomb, the most toxic and insidious trend in dating. This is a manipulative tactic by narcissists and perpetrator raining down on you with lots of affection, attention, and gifts and make you addicted to their love. They create you emotionally dependent. So they can easily control the relationship and you. As much as possible, you should immediately save yourself from mental trauma and self-destruction by observing these unpleasant signs whether you have been bombarded with love or not. These are 5 signs your partner who is too affectionate is actually a love bomber:


1. They show too much love and too soon

Love bombers tend to show extreme affection, love and care early in a relationship. That must have been fun at first. However, over time your relationship will change for the worse. They will proudly sing for you, surprise you with amazing romantic gestures and act so gentle to make you feel very special.

2. They make plans for the future

This isn't the movie you are going to see next week or what the both of you are going to watch on your planned dinner date. But there are more serious things similar where you desire to settle and that's also in the early phase of your relationship. They often want you to include it in your plans so that you feel connected to the idea of ​​"being together forever."

3. Makes you feel guilty

They don't care what you want, whether it's your space or whether you want to relax. They want to pour out all their love on you, and if you try to set limits, they get mad and take you on a guilt trip for it.  All they care about is their wish being fulfilled by you.

4. They need you

They always want your attention 24/7 and they keep texting or calling you all day. If you don't respond, they may show up on your doorstep bcause they sometimes show traits of border stalking. You can cheer them up constantly and they will still feel dissatisfied.

5. They convince you that they are 'the one'

They will make you believe that both are made for each other. They said things like "we are very similar" or "we are soul mates" even when you met a few weeks ago. This stems from their desperation to be in a relationship and make the other person feel obligated to it as well. Over time, their overwhelming intensity and interest will make you feel trapped in the relationship. Now that you know what love bombers do, make sure you don't get bombed.

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