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7 Signs Of A Micro-Cheater To Look Out For In A Relationship

7 Signs Of A Micro-Cheater To Look Out For In A Relationship

Contrary with popular belief, there is no fine line between staying faithful or unfaithful to only one partner in a relationship. In fact, a large gap can separate the two. One of the steps that we knew can be covered in small steps, in a trend this is now called "micro traps". You see, each relationship has its own lies, negligence, or not harmful secrets that partners keep to each other. Not to deceive, but perhaps to avoid a disagreement about something unimportant.


However, how do you decide which white lie and which could classify you as a micro-cheater? According to definition, micro-cheat is a form of cheating in which a couple crosses the line between staying faithful or unfaithful by taking small steps that might seem harmless from afar. But actually the nails in the coffin of their relationship. This doesn't include the traditional and more clearly signs of cheating similar getting out of someone else's bed. But the much smoother and suggestive signs that come with a scent of cheating. Here's how you can see the signs of a micro-cheater in your relationship. But you have to be careful, it's possible that you don't know it yet:

1. Keep on flirting with an ex

Having sex with an ex is a sure sign of infidelity. However, connecting with them on social media, enjoying conversation, and reliving old intimate moments especially without your partner knowing, those are also clear signs of micro-cheater. After all, there are always some mysteries in history.

2. Often flirts on social media

This includes liking, commenting, and posting emojis in non-celebrity direct messages and comment sections. At first glance, it might seem similar a harmless compliment on social media. However, expressing how much he loves strangers over shirtless strangers means more than just appreciation.

3. Maintaining that old dating profile

Even if you're in a relationship, maintaining a back door open & exploring options through old dating profiles are sure signs of dangerously walking on a cheating streak. All that slipping right & left will not be enough to clear your conscience.

4. Save contacts with fake names

An obvious sign of tampering is saving a person's name under a fake person's name on phone. This is done to avoid telling your partner when talking to them which is as suggestive as it sounds. "Pretend to break it" is a classic sign of cheating.

5. Interact emotionally with another person

It may not be included in the act of physical cheating. But being emotionally intimate with someone outside of relationship is one of the most important narratives about a micro-cheater. The fact that doesn't mind letting other people express deep personal feelings and form a certain affinity with them can be seen as emotional warm-up in this micro-cheating.

6. Communicate with another person when you have relationship problems

As long as approach a friend and are upset about a quarrel with your partner, that is fine and orthodox. But, when hang out with your hot co-worker, gym buddy, or former love, it's a problem.

7. Different clothes when meeting someone

It is still understandable to do this in case of an interview, party or function. Not when go the extra mile to look like a snack while catching that particular friend. Who wants to try to look impressive, huh?

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