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5 Reasons Why ‘Pulling-Out’ Is A Losing Game For Men

5 Reasons Why ‘Pulling-Out’ Is A Losing Game For Men

Things are heating up, there's a certain emergency in the air and the sexual tension between both of you can almost be felt at this time. Right now, it's getting intense and you can't be undressing each other any time soon. There you have your blouse. You unbutton your belt and before you know it, you are in the middle of a rebellious makeup process. With things spiraling from couch to bed, the momentum is deadly too. Bring your hand to the back of her neck and bring it closer to her as you extend your other hand to the back of your pocket, finding it empty. Between hasty kisses and hasty breaths, You decided to do it anyway. It was one of your most amazing experiences besides the glorious ending you claim after pulling away. On time and similar a boss. 


The next thing you know is after a month and congratulations. You are about to be a father. Your R-rated life soon turns into a PG-13 turn and the only stress lurking in you is family planning. Now, to most men, the plot may seem very familiar. For some until the glorious end point, for others even the stage of having a child from that end. The only difference left between the two is not how strong they played in retreat. But, how strongly the stars liked them that night. That's why before you brag about your pulling-out game, here's why it will always be a losing game:

1. Be effective so as not to be

You could have done this your whole life and also successfully. You only knows when to quit and one can call it your super power. But all of this is only good until the moment of chaos. One very small slip and you pulled out something completely different.

2. Pre-cum has sperm

Sorry to pop your bubble, but for all the guys who claim that "pre-ejaculation is safe", you should know that it is just as safe as women who go out after 10pm. Which generally translates as "not at all." The researchers found that almost a third of the men had actual sperm swimming in the pre-ejaculation stage, which is the type enough to get a woman pregnant. So your whole theory about abstinence during pre-ejaculation has lost all its power.

3. Cum right outside is no better

This way, it usually works is that the men tries to draw his gun just as he's about to fire. It didn't give him enough moment to choose a direction. So when men do it right outside the woman's vagina, they think it's safe. But it turned out to be unsafe. Chances are high (perhaps as high as your bad luck), the sperm can swim into the vagina and into the egg. How is this for a reality check?

4. It is too expensive

As you can see, it might seem similar the cheapest option for birth control, given that it costs absolutely nothing to pulling-out. However, it's also a method that has the most expensive results. Either you choose to have an abortion or you end up raising a child, but both will cost you more than a condom.

5. You are just a human

Unless you're playing Jenga or knocking on their back door, no matter how powerful your game is, you always run the risk of human error. After all, it was a slippery slope.

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