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5 Signs That You Are Stuck In The 'Situationship' Because You Are Afraid Of Being Labeled

5 Signs That You Are Stuck In The 'Situationship' Bcause You Are Afraid Of Being Labeled

So, you just started a conversation with someone. After all, it's been a while since you've been in contact with someone romantically. This is a different feeling. You may even feel like you've finally found someone to send all those complicated text messages and hilarious memes to, without the guilt and deception that comes with it. They are perfect. They are cute. They are intelligent. You feel similar you've finally found someone to be with. But is it the person or is it just someone else? There is still an aura of uncertainty surrounding the equation. It is a non-specific and non-binding feeling. They say they absolutely love you. Nevertheless, although their words make sense, their actions differ. The situation is similar to this. And if this resonates with you, read ahead of time the five signs that show you may be stuck in a situationship:


1. You get the feelings

Even though you have conversations with them where you feel completely relaxed, you end up doing everything that is expected of a normal relationship with them. You play with the hope that this will turn into something else. But the odds aren't in your favor. And the worst part is that this dissonance can really do a number on your mind. No matter how hard you try, you end up falling in love with them.

2. You are like walking on egg shells

You are always nervous with them, despite your discussion of the rules of engagement in your equation. The uncertainty and ambiguity that situations bring is not for everyone.

3. Inconsistency

Some days they seem like the most caring and considerate someone you can imagine. But other times, you feel like you're talking to a complete stranger. This inconsistency in communicating makes us feel insecure in the long run.

4. All conversations are about sexual

Sexual conversation is a healthy and important part of most mature romantic relationships. There might be times when you want to feel virtually united, and that's great. But if all conversations lead to the same ending, you are probably in a situationship. You have been a good choice for them.

5. Things are getting boring

Once the initial excitement and ecstasy that came with talking to this someone wears off, you realize that there isn't much the two of you have in common, other than sharing a bed in random encounters. As this equation becomes comfortable and convenient, it tends to let it last longer than is welcome. You find yourself getting bored with their presence now. I wish you didn't, but you did. It's official? Do you both have marks? Or ar you still rambling about that conversation in your head without a big decision?

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