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5 Simple Things Girls Really Expect Guys To Do On A First Date

5 Simple Things Girls Really Expect Guys To Do On A First Date

So, you go on a date with the girl you've been trying to ask for weeks. Now what? A first date means a first impression and there is no room for mistakes. If you're not sure what girls really want guys to do when they first meet them, you're not alone. Girls are not as complicated as guys think. But it is understandable why guys find it difficult to read girls. That's because we don't ask, we watch, especially on a first date with a guy. Also, we expect the guy to be kind and respectful, which shouldn't be too difficult. Aside from these basics, we also expect the guy we date to do little things that make us feel super special. It doesn't have to be a big romantic setting or fancy dinner. Trust me, most girls just want to see who you are and how you treat them, rather than how generous a date is. Let me make it easy for you. Here are some of the simple things girls expect from a guy on a first date:


1. A true compliment

A simple compliment goes a long way. She probably took a long time deciding what to wear, how she would style her hair, and put on the right amount of makeup for the date. Telling her that she looks good or pretty can make her feel like they're all worth the effort. Don't wait until you both go home to send it to him. Praise her right then and see her blush.

2. Good horsemanship

Do you want me to pull the chair? Should I hold the door? Should I let her pay when she insists on splitting the bill? Yes, it can be confusing for guys because many girls despise guys who do things for them. But I'll let you in secretly. Deep down, we love when the boy we meet for the first time is a gentleman to us. Being gentle and courteous does not offend a girl, being prejudiced against girls.

3. Make it feel important

Most people are nervous or take time to open up, which means they can be awfully quiet on the first date. Instead of filling the silence with endless self-talk, ask questions and let her tell her stories too. Also, if you meet in a coffee shop or restaurant, don't ask or ask what you want. Hand out the menu and ask her to order the table to make her feel more special and important to the date.

4. Do not force her

There's nothing wrong with making a dinner date further afield for a quick walk on the beach or suggesting a snack after a movie date. However, ask him once and if he says he can not bcause you have to go home or you don't feel like it, let him go. Be responsible and respectful to her and do not force her into any spontaneous plans if she doesn't seem ready.

5. Tell her that you had fun

When you part, hug her and tell her that you had a good time. You do not need to say that you want to see us again, if you are not sure or think you may not be. Hinting at a second date can be awkward, but telling her that you enjoyed meeting her will definitely make her think you're cute and not clingy.

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