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4 Signs Your Partner Has 'Parenting Issues' And How To Help Them Deal With Them

4 Signs Your Partner Has 'Parenting Issues' And How To Help Them Deal With Them

How many times have you dated a girl and noticed that she might have some quirks that often come up in conversations or actions that have absolutely nothing to do with you? Maybe it was when she became more possessive that you gave her no reason to feel insecure? Or could she be trying to save a perfectly good relationship because she was afraid? Well, you may have a partner in the infamous parenting problems. This is the time when your partner may have dealt with a distant father while growing up and now, you are projecting your fears or anxieties onto your relationship or choosing a husband similar to her father, hoping to work on her adult relationship. in the way of finally winning the approval and love of her father. But before proceeding to confront your partner about this, it's always a good idea to make sure first. Here are 4 signs to look out for if you think your partner is dealing with parental issues:


1. She is attracted to older guy

One of the most telling signs of parenting problems, but not the only one, is that most girls who deal with problems like these are drawn to the older guy in their lives. The study says it may be due to the absence of a father figure as she grows up, and somewhere deep down, she always feels the need to fill that space.

2. She is sometimes very possessive

Seeing your partner hot and annoying, even if she's a bit jealous, is endearing in its own way. But when this possessiveness and jealousy transcends all other feelings, that's when your partner may be showing signs of having parenting problems. Something that stems from your need for care that you always want to be satisfied.

3. Fear of celibacy

Feeling abandoned in childhood, those facing parental problems often fear being alone in their lives. For this very reason, staying single is not easy for them. In fact, they may find themselves turning to serial data, because dealing with separation and being alone haunts them.

4. Self-sabotage is allowed

Many times, unconsciously, a person in trouble with their father will end up sabotaging perfectly good and healthy relationships. Not bcause they have a problem with it, but simply because they won't be used to what truly happy and healthy relationships are like, having experienced something completely different in their early yrs as they grew up.

3 Ways To Consider When Dating Someone With Serious Parental Issues

Now, it is possible that if your partner exhibits most of these behaviors, she may be dealing with some of the parental issues in their lives. Which, no matter what it looks like, it's not that easy to live with. But that's where you come in, because if there's anyone who can help them get through this, it's you. Here are 3 ways to consider when dating someone with serious parental issues:

1. Tread with patience and support

It is a fact that no one can "fix" your condition, but it always helps when you have a partner who is willing to support you as you seek your way out. If you think your partner has a parent's problems, you may already be aware of your fears and traumas. Use this knowledge to address their concerns and make sure you make them feel loved and heard.

2. Do not use it against them

Fights and heated arguments can go south very quickly, especially between couples. So you have to remind yourself that you will never use her father's cases against her, because it is a part of her life that she has no control over. A strained relationship with parents leaves many children scarred for life, and the last thing her partner wants is to be teased for a part of her life that is not yet over.

3. Get professional help

As much as you try to be there for your partner, and even provide unmatched support and understanding, it is best to recommend professional help. A therapist may be in a better position to help your partner solve long-term problems.

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