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5 Ways To Give Your Partner Some Space Without Fear Of Losing It Along The Way

5 Ways To Give Your Partner Some Space Without Fear Of Losing It Along The Way

If you were to take an analogy to describe a relationship in the simplest way, you would probably go on to say what it feels like to ride a roller coaster. For some, the line to get to the trip is short and fast, and for others, it is long and exhausting. But the common thing about everyone who comes on board is that it is full of ups and downs. There are likely to be a few ups and downs along the path of the relationship and the best way to navigate them all is to be prepared and protected by a seat belt. While it's easier to get lost enjoying the peak moments, it's also normal to feel nauseous when the dip comes suddenly. And one of those low points in any relationship can be when your partner tells you they want space. It may seem alarming or surprising at first, but it is completely normal and should be approached with the same amount of patience and sensitivity. Here are 5 ways to help you give your partner space, without worrying about losing him along the way:


1. Don't take it personally

Before jumping to conclusions and taking it as a sign of breakup, take a moment to remind yourself that relationships can be overwhelming and that you want some time for yourself to deal with them doesn't always have to be bad. Remember that it is more about them than you.

2. Talk about it

It is important that both partners are transparent with each other about what they mean when they say they want space. Are they a few days to themselves? Is it the weekend with best friends? Speak up and listen to it. They are likely to be overwhelmed and spending a few days alone will help them get back to normal. More than that, with your support.

3. Refrain from consuming too much

Once you decide to offer your partner a space, be sure to stick with it. Someone already feeling overwhelmed and asked for a time to claim a refund would be so much better if they weren't bombarded with their texts or calls all the time. This also does not mean that both of you are silent on the radio, but rather that you respect your privacy and allow them to communicate with you.

4. Use your time for yourself

Relationships can affect both people emotionally, and it's always good to take the time to rejuvenate and relax. Take advantage of this time to connect with yourself and take care of your own needs without worrying about anything else. Get together with your friends, take a day at the spa, and pay attention to the other relationships in your life.

5. Be supportive

For whatever reason your partner feels like a little space could use, don't judge her. They may be having a difficult time, and encouragement can help them cope better. Give your partner the freedom to come back and share their thoughts with you at their own pace.

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