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What do a woman want from a man in a relationship

If simultaneously cover the whole list of what do a woman want from a man in a relationship – it is easy to notice their contradictions. Theme contradictions of the female character deserve all those books that were written. The mystery of the feminine soul — the eternal question for both halves of humanity. Let's try to understand what's going on here.

On the one hand, a woman (W) wants a man (M) who will give her a particular status. The M must be a winner, a leader, a typical lover. When the W manages to attract such M, she receives a confirmation of her own significance.

In relations with the lover, there is passion, delight, playfulness. And fo some time these feelings are enough that to believe in mutual love. But the intensity and heat of these emotions mean that they burn through as fast, as appear.

There is not the eternal love, about which each W dreams. Woman with him always feels in danger, because clearly feels that M will never stop to be a hunter. But near the lover, W better feels his s*x appeal and amuses her female vanity.

Woman want man

On the other hand, women want from men a relationship of a different type. On the front here appreciated the sensitive qualities of the chosen one the ability to empathize, constancy, fidelity, affection, predictability, and the like. On such a man it is assigned an important duty to love a woman.

Therefore, played in relations with the cool guys, W sooner or later begins to pay attention to another type of men those who show a willingness to dive into her inner world, to understand her, accept and love. When they say that any W wants to love and be loved, it is just about this kind of infant romantic relationship.

Relationship with the husband gives women the opportunity to strengthen her rear, to feel secure, and start building a nest. Predictability and subordination of man to the desires of a woman (all will do for your love!) create for W a sense of stability and security.

Inconsistency women’s want

Along with the fact that a W wants to be with a strong M and to be defeated, she wants to win him. Selecting most cool guy, among others, and having his attention, the woman soon begins to subdue him.

If M refuses to obey W will feel that her not enough love and appreciate, will feel a sense of pity for herself, and will look for the man, who accepts and loves her.

If M obey her, W will feel stronger, and therefore will lose it as a support for his pride. And now she again would have to look cool guy, who will raise her pride.

The woman does not understand her self-contradictory, and cannot abandon their desires. Rather, she will accuse her M that he is not strong enough it likes to change. But even if M indulges her desires, she does not like it. Subordinate to the man the woman is no longer needed, and then begins a new round of accusations now in weakness. This happens as long as the relationship will not break into pieces.

What kind of men do women want

Women want from men of SIMULTANEOUS manifestation of both models of behavior. Normal healthy relationships require the wager of both roles.

If cool guys win control, and he will become final (or has been so from the beginning) cold and unloving there is nothing attractive for W. What is good it, when you are not loved, and completely indifferent to you?

And if in a weak M win feelings, and he as a home dog, will be controlled and submissive, ready to fulfill any whim what is interesting in this?

But when these two opposites are equal in power a man is attractive. Your task is to show in their words and actions both of these components and strong feelings, and strong character. A woman needs to see you as the strong and self-sufficient man, and that you can be the rear, which she is looking for.

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