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How to manifest love in relationships

Love (L) is the right ACTIONS, deeds. I act, and she knows that I L her. And I act because I love her. I am happy to do for her what she wants.

Personal advantages of girl/boy should be not for themselves. They must have practical meaning. The idea is that man/woman is well with her/him. In this sense! That's when she/he is well, then LOVE RECEIVES.

In other words, L is not a feeling. Feelings are secondary. They arise when there are actions, manifesting love. The word LOVE we call lots of actions manifestations of love. If you take this set and divide into the items, there is nothing unusual. Another thing is that for every this set is your own.

I must say that I L the woman not for what she is doing something for me. I L a woman because when she does what I need this MEANS THAT SHE LOVES ME.
Egoism? No. Because it is a mutual rule, i.e. she is for you and you are for her. Otherwise, there is no L.

You need to manifest your love as the one you L want, but not the way you want and you can. And this is a manifestation of prosaic love.

What exactly? What you need to know exactly what and how I need to do to the person next to you know and feel that you love him.

What is the complexity? That Is not all of what is needed for him/her to do, You will like. And not the fact that You know how to do it. And most importantly, where tale about L disappears, which happens by itself, it is that You have to find out a loved one what he or she wants from You, as the manifestation of your love.

Manifest love

From the above we can make a simple and vital conclusion:

It needs to L those whom it is easy to love.

This means:
- Favorite not apply to You demands that You cannot do.
- Favorite loves you too, i.e. does for You what You want.
- What you need to do to show your love, You can do.

These three points mean that you can love and this need to learn. If You do not have habits, for example, to give flowers, but for the favorite it is matter, You have no alternative to learn to give flowers without reminders. If you beloved wants You to be the soul of the company, the most prominent person at any party You need to learn to be that person. If it is important for a loved one that you know how to dance Striptease and do an erotic massage at a high level, then You need to learn how to do it. Etc. etc. and, of course, L makes sense for the one I want to do what in other times would be lazy to do. You have to L worthy, in short.

How to manifest love

If I L someone, I will do everything for him that he is well, and that he knows that I L him. If I'll just say that I L him, but I'm not be nothing to do to my words confirm, he just will not believe for it. He will not in believe my L. But it's not, really.

If there is not action, manifestations of love there is no L.

What should a person do, so I know that he loves me this is my personal, also as your intimate, but the principle is the same if love it is seen. How can you see? What and how he does it.

So L is the right action in regard to someone you love.

For example, if you hear a statement that a person loves all people on earth, it is necessary to ask what, specifically, he does for all people on earth to show his L? If he says, he feels that L it is a crock. People do not feel hot and cold from his feelings. His feelings are nothing for them. He just admires himself in the mirror, what's the point at that?
If you love the whole planet and all the people on it, what do you do to Express your L? Nothing? Then there is no need to talk about L.

You can feel love, and manifest L. Feelings are valuable only to those who live them. No more for anybody. For example, to feel compassion for the wretched and really help him these are different things, right?

Feelings are valuable to those who feel. The actions, behavior is valuable for those for whom they are directed. And nobody denies you to feel. It is possible to say that I feel L and it means that I L. But this is a true only for you. This is not a true L.

Love can be false and true

False love is when only you believe in your L. True L is when the one you L believe in your L. I feel that I love it is, most likely about false L. I do so-and-so, in order to show that I love it is about true L.

That is, I don't aim to find L. I know it will be if there is the right man.

And what is a properly person?

The one with whom I feel good, if in General, right? And if I feel good, why not be L?
In other words, I have already passed the stage to find love. It is natural for me. Now it is more important to choose a right person. And love will be.

Love is when you feel good together.

This means that she will do for me what I need, and I will do for her what she needs. If all go properly, these actions will cause our L. We will feel that we love. It is the thesis, and I tested it in practice.

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