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Different psychological types of men in relationships

In the end, all the men in relationships can be divided into two different psychological type husbands and the lovers.

Pay your attention that here and below, under Husbands and Lovers does not imply formal or de facto status of men in relation to a particular woman. We are talking only about the strategy, used by men with all his women (W).

It is also important that the strategy is not the result of a conscious choice, but follows from different psychological types of men. The first type of relations with women focuses on serious long-term relationships, second on easy flirt, passion, and adventurism. If you know about introverts and extroverts, it can be said that the strategy of husband used by introverts, but the strategy of the lover by the extroverts.

Types of men: Lover

The classic type of men lover is Don Juan the bright Extrovert-Lovelace, vanquisher women's hearts and the ladies man and Ardent Hunter, of whom attracts the process itself.

In a relationship with W he aims to take a proactive stance, easily takes the initiative and has a right to say what he wants. He is insolent precisely in the form that attracts W and allows them to shift responsibility for intrigue to the man.

Psychological types of men

Narcissistic, he is looking for in its new dating opportunities to show off. He is more interested in the fact of victory over W, rather than a relationship with her. He is an adventurer in good and bad meanings, always ready for adventure, sometimes reaching up to pure madness. He is sexy brutally.

He can easily turn ahead of W, to intrigue and captivate her. It is natural and easy for him. But concurrently, with all of his s*xual attraction, he absolutely cannot create for W the feeling of calm and certainty.

Nevertheless, women like these men. And even knowing their windy nature, they continue to be under the influence of their charms, in the vague hope to tame them.

Types of men: Husband

A typical husband is homely, obedient man. A quiet introvert, who chose quietude with one woman, instead of adventure with many. In love triangle, he always turns out to be the victim of infidelity.

In a relationship with a W he, is at times, the ridiculous serious. In each W he sees a potential wife, and therefore from the very first minute surrounds her obsessive care and constantly seeks approval and confirmation of her feelings to him.

Husband always tries to be a gentleman and considers sublime attitude to W as his main advantage. He knows how to look after, and win W by his patience and persistence. Instead of passion and intrigue, he offers a W love to the grave and prospect of marriage.

In relationships, man-husband is gentle, affectionate and romantic. He surrounds the woman a comprehensive care and is willing to carry out all her whimsy, just to get confirm her love. He is ready to obey wishes of the W, to the detriment of his own. He is predictable and manageable and therefore creates for W sense of reliability and security.

And when W wants to make her nest, she searches for exactly this type of relationship. Loving, caring, obedient man — what else do I need to woman when it comes to creating a family? Exactly so the W imagine the perfect husband. He must love her, care for her, execute her whim, spare and soothe her, and, in General, be at her full disposal.

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