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Different types of love relationships and family

We are all different. Therefore, we are looking for different types of love relationships. He one woman and for all life, but she second man for few weeks or conversely.

Currently, social life became much more varied, so the restrictions what is right and what is wrong, expanded so widely, that they are no longer visible. You can do practically everything that does not prevent others to live as they wish.

Based on these interesting prerequisites, task to find your type of relationships becomes very creative. You never know, what he is, a new person, and what the kind of relationships he wants.

In general, you can safely say, that to task to find his man in addition to the usual questions as for how? And where? Adds the question -what? In the sense that first of all, you must understand their preferences (what do I exactly want?), and then everything else.

What do you want?

Let us agree at once: whatever you want, it is good and correct. Provided, of course, that life is improving.


One of the young lady (34) years, well educated and looking, ten years unsuccessfully looked for man for the family, and very suffered, that could not find. Her work related to regulars business trips, and she liked it, but her men were not satisfied, and for this reason, they went to other women more homemade.

What is the error of a young lady, what do you think? In that, it was NOT those men. She needed someone, who would be happy, while she's here, and will not suffer when she is absent. Because at that time he will have another love.

Love relationship

How so? You ask. But why should a healthy man be regularly without s*x?

Yes, you can say that this is proof of his love to her (fidelity), but you can say and otherwise. For example, it is the requirement of her selfishness, or with me, or nor with anyone. What is truer?

I don't know how this is for you, but for her, it is not acceptable, so she, as before, limited short novels and has much suffering.

So what should she do? Change jobs? Be satisfied was the fact that there is? Change her idea, what is right and what is not? What do you think, dear reader?

With this approach, it is an almost hopeless situation. Her way of life does not allow her to make how rightly. Well, how can she create a family? And, what is more important, what type of family relationships should she create?

If she wants the man was with her, she has to accept that he will have other women. If she could not give him time, how much he needs, she needs to be happy, when he is near and not to think about him, when she is far away. Where he is, and with whom he is not important because at the moment she can't be with him. Is it reasonable?

And if she dreams about family patriarchal (wife, husband, and children all together have fun at weekends or in the evening), she should refuse of much for incarnation this image.

So the question on which the heroine of our example has to answer is the following:
What type of love relationships, based on my lifestyle, I can create?. And another: with what person (psychological and social type) can I create such a relationship?

And now turn to you, dear reader, and will ask you:

  • What relationship do you want?
  • Does your lifestyle let you have such relationship?

You can choose to:

  • The relationship for a time, but not for two months. A couple of years, for example.
  • The novel, then lives together, marriage, children. Then the end.
  • Live happily ever after, have children and die in one day.
  • The relationship, to live their lives but not be alone.
  • Partner for s*x that he comes, when it is comfortable for me and never in another time.
  • Short and torrid affair
  • That he is the third
  • To live together some time, and then separately.
  • Lot of lovers and all live together
  • The father (mother) of the child, to live together
  • The father (mother) of the baby that he comes, from time to time
  • Someone to talk, together take a walk, ride a bike, etc. In general a friend for life.
  • Business partner.
  • Seems, is this everything?

I am sure that you do not approve some items from the list above. They are not suitable for you because it's not right for you. At the same time, you will not argue, that there are people, whom only in such type of relationships will be fine. And nothing else.

Because how life is arranged, affects what type of love relationships a person can have.

Your man is the one whose way of life can be combined with yours. And in order to find it

Try to do so:

- select from the list above an item, and then check if it fits for you.

For example, take the item: «The relationship, to live their lives but not be alone».
Do you want this? So, you need someone who wants the same, right? The others will not be suitable for you, because of another wish.

This is a law: If people have different ways of life, but they want to be together, someone must leave his lifestyle and begin to live as his chosen one.

Knowing these features, choosing a potential their man is much easier. Every potential candidate we check, what type of relationships you want, and easily sort it's your, it's us, but this I generally don't wear.

The overall strategy is to understand, what we want ourselves. Ponder, who wants the same. And choose what we need.

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