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Psychology of love and relationships between men and women

Are you tired of failures in building a long-term of love relationships with women? Do you dream of a happy family, but you don’t know how to create such a relationship? You read a lot of books, but didn’t you find the viable recommendations? It’s time to finish it!

I was married for five years, until the situation reached a deadlock, ended in divorce. So I decided to address this issue seriously. I have read dozens of books about the psychology of love relationships, hundreds of stories on the forums in sections about the relationship. And now, after several years of researches and practice, I have collected all the best and effective on this site.

I am not an academic psychologist; I am as you — an ordinary man. All that separates me from you — that’s what I managed folded separate puzzles in understanding the psychology of love and relationships between men and women into a coherent picture. And on this site, I want to share my experience with you. Read also: The relationship between psychology and sociology is intricate and inseparable.

In order to information is perceived you more structure, material on the website is presented sequentially, in the form of the free online book. The purpose of this book — to dispel myths about love and relationships, and give specific advice and recommendations for building happy and harmonious unions.

Psychology of love and relationship

You will see the cause and effect patterns in relationships. It is impossible to solve a problem without knowing it! Everything affects everything. And especially in thinking. Your thinking affects your actions; your actions determine the situations in which you find yourself. The situations define your personal experience, your personal experience defines thinking. And again the vicious circle that can will be broken only in thinking.

This book is for men, who have long been eager to improve the quality of their personal lives but still have not found the paths, that would lead them to the desired result.
This book is for women, who want to understand the psychology of love relationships through the eyes of men. This book is how for single people, so also married couples, staying in crisis. This book is for anyone, who is willing to take responsibility for a relationship in their hands. For those who want to be the captain of its life, but not the passenger.

Do you need useful recipes? I promise that you will find them here.

In addition,
You’ll save a lot of effort, time and money because this site has all the most necessary and efficient, in order to you are able quickly and successfully arrange its personal lives. You will get rid of routine work which has been done by me, in order to write this book and collect all the necessary and effective information in one place.

I had to untangle a lot of nodes and to dispel many contradictions. As well I had to gather by parts numerous theories, check them in practice, exclude superfluously and, eventually, generalize them. And this generalization helped deduce from several theories a single instruction, applicable to real life. All theories must evolve exactly this way — from theory to instruction.

What is the theory? It’s not brought to mind the instruction! What is the instruction? This is a guide to action! A guide to action is in 100 times better than theories, not giving such a guide! Theory without instruction requires mental forces. A guide to action is that, on the contrary, what gives strength!

This book is, perhaps, the most precise systematization of the information needed to build a happy relationship. Everything is set forth clearly, simple and unambiguously!

It is also important!
This is not a collection of articles and not a collection of smart ideas. It is the graceful and coherent concept of building a healthy harmonious long relationship between man and woman, beginning from thinking, dating and ending relationships within the family. All chapters of this book and materials on the site are a single COHERENT structure, in which each of the chapters, and each material — it is an integral part, one of the puzzles of the holistic picture.

Do you still doubt? — Start to READ now and make sure for yourself.

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