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5 Ways to seduce your man without touching him

Most women like to tease their partners. Not a few women who give a soft caress or touch in the form of an erotic massage to seduce their partners. But now you can try new things when teasing your partner. Try to seduce him without touching.

1. Whisper something naughty

Try to tell a tale of erotic and place your lips with a distance of one centimeter from your partner's ear. Then, you whisper something naughty like ''I think about you all night in bed'' and then proceed to sexy sentence. Trust me; it will make your partner much more passionate.

Seduce your man

2. Send the sexy message

Seduce your partner without touching him; you can also do it via SMS or BBM. You can send a sexy message to his mobile phone like ''You, me, bed, tonight''. Of course, the message invites curiosity of your partner. It will excite your partner more than usual.

3. Invite to watching DVD

First, ask your partner rent a DVD with a movie theme erotic romance that can make him lustful. Intimate scenes shown in the DVD would quickly increase your partner's s*xual arousal.

4. Send your hot photos

If you want to make your partner tempted, just send him some sexy pictures of your when you're on the activity. You can send photos when you wear a tight dress, your white back, or just wet and sexy of your lips.

5. Buy the game to make love

You can surprise your partner by purchase something new in a store or online shop. It was to be a toy at the time of intercourse. You can buy a blindfold, a pair of lacy lingerie or s*x toys. Show him these items before you go to bed so that your partner has its sensation.

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