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10 Things to make passionate love to your man without touch him

Who says that the increase partner's arousal must by touching? Only from the smile alone can make men lovelorn. Do you not believe? Just try to do ten things that make a man passionate without having to touch him, reported The Stir.

1. The view your bra straps. See bra straps tempting; it is a good way to make men become aroused. The shoulder is one part of the body that is sexy too. Only with a peek or see your bra, they already imagine with feral.

2. A heartfelt laughter. For women, the honest laugh of a man is a sexy thing and make you look beautiful.

3. Wearing tight clothes. Men tend to want to see all of a woman's curves and tight clothing is the solution. Tight clothing will show your sexy curves. However, do not be too tight so as to make uncomfortable and can reduce arousal.

4. Wearing simple clothes. Clothes that are too crowded or hard to open will make him not passionate. So use a simple dress.

5. Wear a transparent clothing. The translucent or transparent shirt will tempt him to immediately "attack" you.

Passionate love

6. Confidence. Exuding confidence was also able to attract the attention of men. So don't often insecure, ladies. Show your self-esteem.

7. Show a part of your thigh. Seamless thighs can lure a man's desire. Quite often many men gawking when looking at women who wear miniskirts or hot pant because of the beauty of the leg.

8. Wear clothes that reveal backs. Your back is an erogenous zone; men really like to see it.

9. Smile. When your eyes meet with his eyes, and then you throw a smile, it may sound like a regular thing. But for men, it could make him lovelorn.

10. Give praise. Sincere praise makes him feel appreciated by you and eager to embrace you as an expression of his gratitude.

Many unexpected ways to attract the attention of men. Sometimes the usual thing you think, it makes him passionate. Read also: 50 Romantic things to do with your boyfriend.

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