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8 Ways to make a memorable kiss

If you are a shy guy or less dared to ask for a kiss from your girlfriend, don't worry, I have some tips so you can get a memorable first kiss of your girlfriend. If you have not been dating for long, she might not want to kiss you. But if you think you're close enough, here are eight tips on how to make a memorable kiss as you want. Please check the following:

1. Bring her into a delightful place that she likes, whether it's restaurants, beaches, cinemas or nightclubs. Or maybe you bought her flowers, chocolate or jewelry if you can afford it. But remember that it was just a movement that counts.

2. Talk and relax. Try to act as usual. If you still feel that she is not ready to be kissed by you, trying to let the first to adjust the atmosphere.

Memorable first kiss

3. You could invite her to come out and take her somewhere. Preferably to a quiet place and interesting. If she did not, don't force and you try to understand her desire. If she is not yet ready, you have to be patient first.

4. Tell her that you like her or you really feel that you love her. Hold her hand or touch lightly on her shoulder.

5. See her eyes and smiling, so that she gave a hint that she is ready to be kissed by you. Read also: How to seduce a girl without touching her.

6. Hold her hand softly, guiding your partner's body and don't let force anything she does not like. When you get close, keep your views in her eyes.

7. If the first time you ask her to kiss, try not to be too long to kiss her. That was because she would be awkward.

8. When you end the kiss, take her into a warm embrace. Then proceed to relax and smile, you've made a memorable kiss of her. Next, make her more comfortable with you so you can get closer to her.

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