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11 Reasons why the divorce occurs

Put an end to marriage bond is not easy. There are several aspects to consider/attention. The purpose of marriage itself is a promise to live together, both joy and sorrow borne jointly. But if it was stuck without the way out, why should maintain? Surely decided to divorce rather than perfunctory, because divorce is painful. Painful to both parties and children as well. So do not make the divorce as an easy reason to find a solution. Here are 11 reasons for divorce that we have discussed, may be useful for all of us.

Reasons divorce occurs

1. Poverty

Living in a shortage requires great patience. Many people are not able to stand in poverty, especially women. Recall that the primary condition for establishing a marriage is having a decent job and enough economic. If the economic situation in the household were dwindling, it would cause many new problems. So it raises a quarrel between husband and wife.

2. Passive communication

Passive communication between man and woman is also often causing problems that refer to divorce. Many divorces occur in the community because of a lack of communication between them. The primary way to tackle passive communication is trying to do is open and active communication.

4. Not consequent

Getting married is a consequence to mutually faithful, loving, responsible, maintain and cherish. If the sense of consequent is missing, then it is very easy to divorce. Examples of actions not consistent in marriage such as loving a third party, the husband ignores the responsibility to make a living, the wife does not maintain the honor and dignity of the family, and so forth.

5. Infidelity

Cheating is a betrayal in the household. All people do not want their partner of cheating others. Of course, this causes a profound and lasting wound in the heart. The wound because they feel betrayed by their partner will cause premature decision without first consideration, namely divorce.

6. Problems inner needs

Inner living or s*x is one of important reason why someone married. In addition to the needs of the outer, inner needs must also be met. So that domestic unity is maintained. Sometimes discontent in the inner living cause someone having an affair, and indeed, the fatal point of this issue is divorce.

7. The flurry of work overload

Busy working to make both parties (husband and wife) rarely make active communications. Excessive work activities, making them tired and when they come home from work, they may spend the time to rest. Obviously, this situation is very strained. Especially when the workload is increasing and piling. Expenses mind for the job sometimes makes them easy emotion, causing contention.

8. Lack of attention

Humans possess glad if noticed, recognized and loved and cherished by their partner. If the family of one of the partner gets less attention, then the interest of domestic intimacy will wither. And of course, this could increase the chances of a divorce between the two.

9. Suspicious of each other

Suspecting a partner is a disease that must be treated by you. That's because it will cause prejudice, accuse, and slander in the family. This property is usually owned by couples who are protective.

10. Frequent quarrel

Many people must experience fights in the household. You should not underestimate the small argument. Moreover, if the character of both (husband and wife) irritable and difficult to reconcile, it will be very easy to get the words pitched divorce. If the husband and wife quarrel often happens, it will be very easy for them to get divorced.

11. Intimidation and violence

Bullying or vulgarity that was brought by the husband to the wife can be lethal harmony in the home. Moreover, in the event of domestic violence. A woman is a human being who has feelings and hearts. Violence and intimidation will make her much prefer disconnecting marriage rather than endure.

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