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8 Negative effects of divorce on children

For you who are married, surely you avoid divorce. However, sometimes the hard decisions (divorce) must be taken by you about related conditions. Of course, divorce is a nightmare for you and your partner, especially if you both have children.

Bad effects of divorce

During this time you know divorce can leave a bad psychological effect. However, as reported from "health me up," here are eight negative effects of divorce for children:

1. The decline in academic

According to some studies said that the children who are victims of divorce, often have behavioral problems. Then have an adverse impact on their academic ability.

2. The tendency to be affected by the bad things

Children who are victims of divorce tend to feel 'lost' and does not have a support system in their lives. They are more prone to engage in the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

3. Low quality of life

Usually, children whose parents divorce will experience a decrease in quality of life. It is due to the division of revenues.

4. Harassment

Divorce can make the children are at higher risk for receiving harassment from other kids and vulnerable to health problems.

5. Obesity and eating disorders

Eating disorders are often the psychological impact experienced by children of divorce. They can be an emotional eater which then leads to obesity.

6. Psychological distress

Surely psychological trauma experienced by children of divorce. They can suffer from stress, depression, anxiety, and other long-term psychological effects.

7. Apathy in relating

Divorce can cause prolonged trauma for children. They can be characters who feel apathetic with a relationship and assume that the relationship is not significant.

8. Free s*x

Free s*x can become an escape for children who are victims of divorce. Of course, it can have an adverse impact.

Like a bad dream, that's perceived by your children about the divorce. Therefore, carefully consider if you want to take the decision. Or if the divorce is not negotiable, then create a supportive atmosphere for the children during their growth and development.

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