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16 Places women want to be touched by men

Most men don't know more than just wants his partner lying on the bed with her legs wide open and leave the other favorite female body parts. In fact, there are other places of women want to be touched by men. It is time to focus on your partner's body part as long as possible you ignore it. When you start it, you begin to encounter more s*xual sensation than usual. It doesn't mean that women do not like touch on core s*xual body parts. But sometimes a need to try something different, below are tips on how to conquer a woman with touch.

1. Head

Use the tip of a finger and middle finger to caress your partner's temples. Then, use your hand to play her hair before you use your fingertips to massage the head. Do it slowly. Settle her head on your lap while doing massage to see her relaxed and appreciative reaction.

2. Ear

You came to her ear and whisper something like ''Tonight is yours'' and let the ears there in front of your mouth. Kiss the top of the ear and bite slowly.

3. Lip

Let your lips gently touched her lips. If you're tough, it does not hurt you too aggressive attacks. Just remember, don't continuously, soft lips smack, and you will open the gate that would not be covered by her anymore.

4. Neck

No matter you are using your hands or mouth. Most women prefer when you move hair from one side to the other side of their neck to caress and kiss. Kiss the area around the groin.

5. Breast

Admittedly, this area beside tempts you, also very tempting for her. This area may you burn in various ways and different kinds of media. Either of fingers, teeth, tongue, lips, even your g*nitals. At the time of s*x, a gentle squeeze of movement will be fascinating and fun for her. You must be extra careful because this area is very sensitive. If she began to show of discomfort, you should immediately reduce the intensity of your attack in the area.

Conquer with touch

6. Arm

Run your fingers, starting from the elbow area, heading to her armpit. Move gently and don't forget, at the time of the trip, also touching the outside of her breast and thighs.

7. Wrist

Hold hands with palms, face to face, and use your fingertips to explore wrist. After a few minutes of stroking, use the lips, teeth, and tongue to kiss and bite slowly inner wrist.

8. Hand

Hold her hand with the palms, facing each other and use two fingers to feel the palms softly. Try to touch every her hand. Place the middle finger in your mouth and suck on it slowly and ask her to do the same thing.

9. Stomach

Hug your partner's waist with both hands and inhale the aroma when the nose close to her belly. Then kissed the stomach from one end to the other, and suddenly let your tongue lick.

10. Back

When you begin, try your best not just to kiss her skin. But, slowly kissed all her hair halfway down her back while the arm embraces the waist.

11. Butt

This area, it has many nerve endings open that will make women moan with pleasure. Squeeze and nip soft, sweet kiss or even a gentle pat on the butt will make herself on fire passion.

12. Rear knee

If your partner supine, lift her legs, rest in your body and you start to explore the back of her knee. Kiss and slowly kissed it and the surrounding area. Otherwise, you will be much easier. Don't bite because the area is sensitive.

13. Thigh

When your partner is not wearing cloth or wearing sexy clothes, spread her legs and spend a few moments to enjoy the inner and outer thighs by hands and lips. Don't try to bite and keep it away from the v*gina. Kissed the area between the outer labia and then finish up in the upper thigh with your tongue.

14. Leg

Are you still having s*x or just want to help her relax after a tiring day? Groping her legs will provide its value. Give a massage oil or cream in your hand, rub together to warm up and begin to feel the soles of the feet. Slowly rise to the thumb and then to heel.

15. Ankle

No matter you were making love or initiate foreplay, place her ankles on your shoulder and touch her is a way to make her "alive." Caress one hand and a kiss from one side to the other.

16. Soles of the feet

With a gentle foot massage or tickling the feet, and if you want, suck her toes, we can be sure she will soon melt.

Different height, different positions

If you and your spouse have a considerable height difference, it is very possible. S*x life will be a little disturbed by it. You may feel that you are a bit more limited in a position that you can enjoy when making love.

Here are three positions that should be avoided by you to help you and your partner enjoy s*x more. No one likes placed in an awkward position, especially when making love, whether she is too high from you or vice versa.

1. The standing position

If you are taller than her, the p*nis will not be able to penetrate. Conversely, if she is too higher than you, it would not be convenient for you in a bent position for a long time. Therefore, avoid having s*x in a standing position.

2. The shower s*x position

To have shower s*x will be quite bothersome. Especially if you have a high difference with her, unless you have toughness in the hand.

3. The missionary position

Sometimes if your female partner is shorter, while you will be relatively easy to penetrate, you will end up with the continuous slippage since your face is not to the same degree. So you will not be able to kiss her, or even just to see her face comfortably.

Tips above is just a theory, but your satisfaction with her lie on your ingenuity to guide her in lovemaking. It is not maximum possible satisfaction achieved by you; it makes you more comfortable with just one partner. Thus, the harmony of a relationship will be maintained, and inspiration only will you find when you do that full feeling. Not when lovemaking hastily or without foreplay maximum. Read also: How to seduce a woman without touching her.

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