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4 Ways to building trust in long distance relationships

Every relationship should be based on the trust. But for couples who undergo long-distance relationship (LDR), it might be a bit difficult to believe their partner fully.

Distance and time difference makes it difficult to build communication and quickly raised suspicions. No matter how should start to infuse confidence so that the relationship can be a successful and happy end. It's a way to build trust when undergoing long-distance relationship. Below are tips on how to build trust in a long distance relationship:

1. Don't lie

One thing to build a long-distance relationship that is based on the belief was not lying. Much to think about when to lie to your partner. First, you must set the strategy how to make a lie is not exposed. If it were so, it is usually followed by another lie to cover up a lie in the beginning. Of course, it is bothering you. Bitter enough reality, you should tell the truth to him/her. When your lie is revealed, then you and s/he will be difficult to solve the problem because of the distance and time apart.

2. Avoid negative thinking

S/he is often a night out with work colleagues or lately often did not give any news. Who would not be suspicious of the change in attitude? Even so, avoid negative thoughts that only worsen the situation. Who knows, s/he really is busy working or very bored in the overseas country. Thus, requiring refreshing with friends office.

Building trust LDR

Although you are suspicious, you should hold yourself to not continuously interrogated, prohibiting and threatening. Long distance relationship can be unhealthy and lead to a breakup. We recommend that you ask well why his/her attitude changed and told your worries when s/he rarely contacted. This way will be more acceptable than to be grumpy or cranky.

3. Communication

Communication becomes an important thing in living a relationship. With open and fluently communication, then there is no negative thoughts or feelings of insecurity. The relationship will also be getting stronger as each partner can trust each other.

Now, with advanced technology, enables you and your partner to communicate with each other, either through BBM, Whats App, Skype, and others. You and your partner can also plan the right time for you to meet. It can encourage the presence of something that you two stay together.

4. Routine to meet

LDR couples really should have a schedule to meet. The meeting will be so meaningful for the LDR couple because of the intensity of the meeting will rarely make them more appreciative of each other, and it will strengthen the relationship.

In the Journal of Communication stated that LDR could be better than the near distance relationship. According to studies conducted by psychologists Crystal Jiang and Jeffrey T. Hancock, absence due to long distance relationships can make couples closer together. For couples who undergo long-distance relationship, when the meeting will immediately feel more meaningful and make them more intimate romance. Face interaction is limited to allow them to talk more when talking about love and relationships in the future.

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