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The advice when trust and financial problems wounding marriage

Each household has problems and conflicts different. Currently, you are experiencing financial problems (the husband does not work and owed), he is not honest, and violence or harsh treatment of him. If possible, take your husband to discuss these issues that cause conflict in your household.

Describe the problems that you experience it. Allow your husband to bring up the issue. Then contemplate and put forward changes to what you both want in a relationship and fostering households. Reflect upon what attempt have you and he's done so far to build a better relationship. Sorting where the effort is working and which are not successful. Focus on finding a solution how you two can produce these changes. Disclose all over your thoughts and feelings on the conflict with a clear mind, and listen to the thoughts and feelings of your husband. With mutually open to each other, you and your husband hope to find collective solutions to problems that occur.

Trust and financial in marriage

Strive for discussions to completing this issue is a conversation you two as a couple whose foster relationships households with full responsibility. Thus, a large family can appreciate the solution. Achieving a solution that is very flexible for the consideration of you both. You could decide to stay together and to agree on some changes in the behavior of each. You can also choose to split up because there is no agreement and no effort for each change or no change from either party.

However, the most important as well is that the decision to continue the relationship with your husband. It is the choice of your life and considers the decision carefully, so you will not regret later. If necessary, you and your husband can visit a professional, such as a psychologist or marriage counselor to get an objective view and solution of your problem.

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