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4 Tips to rebuilding trust in your marriage

Married couples covet happiness and closeness between husband and wife. In fact, they expect that it will be eternal happiness. But there is the storm that tried to destroy the happiness regardless of age and duration of the marriage.

Like the householder's life, marriage is not a place for a layover. At the beginning of marriage, many wives abandoned by their husbands at home with her children, while the men are busy with work in the office. So they rarely meet each other. As a result, the wives had the feeling that their husbands often abandon her. Meanwhile, there is also the women who fled with frequent shopping or out of the house.

From here, the problem will arise. Because the wife was frequently shopping, so it does not rule out the possibility debts will be accumulating. No wonder if something like this would be a trigger for their quarrel. Although they are trying to rebuild trust and pass well, there is still something that still whippy and imprint on one side. If something like this has happened, then what to do?

It is true a statement saying that the marriage is not a place for a layover, which is often a problem always rely on the money raised tensions in many marriages. Not only that but the loss of confidence would also be an issue in itself. Read also: Build trust issues in relationships.

Although you say that your husband could regain his trust in you, nonetheless he's hard to understand what you have done with spending excessively. In this case, four pieces of advice will help you to rebuild/maintain trust in marriage:

1. Try to talk to your husband about a feeling that makes you happy. Discuss ways to ensure that the work pressure and other problems will not make you misstep.

Rebuilding trust in marriage

2. Make the right time, maybe one or two times in a week to address the issue. Read also: The importance of counseling to overcome marital conflicts.

3. You must cooperate with him to be more involved in the family's financial circumstances. Maybe in preparing the budget together or you also find a way to generate revenue and help the family finances. It will help you to restore the confidence lost by removing the financial burden from the shoulders of your husband. It also will give a sense of strength, achievement and self-esteem.

4. Although your husband does not want to go to counseling, then it does not prevent you to go. Because marriage counseling can improve how you feel about yourself and it also can enhance your relationship. Remember, your self-esteem and confidence have an influence on your marriage.

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