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7 Common marriage problems

There is no marriage without a problem. Couples who looks happiest also had problems. Therefore, you should know the most common problems in the marriage. With knowing that, you have a better chance to cope if such problems arise in your marriage. Here are seven common marriage problems:

Common marriage problems

1. Lack of confidence

Trust is the most important part of the relationship. Trust can be a problem when one partner feels the other is not honest or does not pay attention to the interest. Each other between you and your partner may need to ask each other what happened and about the feelings. Read also: Tips to rebuilding trust in your marriage.

2. The issue of s*x

The nature of s*x can change in marital relationships. For most couples, sometimes not so able to maintain a sense of longing/miss such time when going out first. The age factor can also affect s*xuality.

3. Lack of communication

Something crucial in each building relationships is communication. What's the harm in a single day at least 5 minutes to take the time to communicate with daily activities, family or children?

4. Financial problems

Organize household finances were necessary. Make a list of long-term and short-term. Plan how much spending money, and don't forget how to save. Read also: The advice when trust and financial problems wounding marriage.

5. Divide the task

Discuss and ask each other about what the expectations of each partner. If it does not fit the facts of life, think of the way out. Look for solutions to solving the problem.

6. Overcoming conflict

Make sure you really listen to what is being said by your partner, instead of thinking about your answer when your mate to talk. Keep communication openly. Read also: The importance of counseling to overcome marital conflicts.

7. Maintaining compatibility

Matches do not always have the same hobby or interest. But to have the attitude and the same values. Couples who feel the same way about an issue, for example, children or religion are more likely to stay together.

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