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Art therapy creates a harmonious relationship

The routine of work and everyday life problems often trigger stress for many people. It reduces the quality of life and happiness, especially the relationship with the partner. Dr. Monty P. Satiadarma introduces art therapy as an alternative therapy to cope with stress and make a harmonious relationship.

Relationship therapy with art

Dr. Monty is a senior psychologist and lecturer at the University Tarumanagara. He not only uses art therapy for individuals but also for couples. Media selected by him are paintings. Through lines, brush strokes and color, we are invited self-reflection.

The composition of colors and pictures are the mirror of one's spiritual atmosphere.
- Said the lecturer who get certified art therapy from Emporia State University.

Dr. Monty is the only art therapist background in psychology. Together with his students, he made Tarumanagara Art Therapy (TART) hold an exhibition of art therapy with the theme of the Romantic Garden. Besides, the TART also held a workshop ''The Art of Love''. This workshop invites couples to improve communication and understanding the relationship through paintings made jointly with their partner.

Dr. Monty chose the theme of the romantic garden because the garden has a profound philosophy. The garden is a place to grow, and love is like a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers.

Beautiful garden indeed built with love and only an excellent communication between couples can make a beautiful love.
- Said Dr. Monty.

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