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5 Sexy women who've become Donald Trump's bedmate

Donald Trump is known as the king of real estate from the United States. He has a style of speech that is quite frontal and often controversial of his statements. US presidential candidate was in fact often gets insults from many people.

Donald Trump's bedmate

Nevertheless, he still has abundant wealth. Noted, his net worth reached 4 billion USD in 2015, according to Forbes magazine. With that much money, maybe Trump has a lot of beautiful and sexy woman who had dated by him.

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In fact, there is some beautiful and sexy woman who was suspected to be Trump's bedmate. Who are these women? The following reviews:

5. Kara Young

Pretty supermodel Kara Young included in one of the rows of beautiful women who had become Donald Trump's bedmate. According to Trump's friend, Young is one of the best women to satisfy the lust of Trump during his lifetime.

4. Melania Knauss

Slovenian supermodel Melania Knauss chose to move to New York City since 1996. She has starred in more than 12 fashion magazines. Knauss started dating with Trump when they met at a party in 1998. Until six years later they carry out the engagement. Trump said that they are really compatible. In fact, they never quarreled at all since he knew Melania Knauss. Melania became a naturalized US citizen in 2006. In the same year, she gave birth to their son. Until now their relationship is still going well.

3. Rowanne Brewer

The meeting between Trump and ex-Miss Maryland began when Brewer invited Trump at an event in Miami in 1990. Brewer has made Trump fell in love at first sight. Trump gives some gifts and attention as an expression of his heart. Trump even willing to pick up and deliver Brewer using his private helicopter to make a business trip. At that time, Trump spent time together for days.

2. Marla Maples

Although Trump has several women who made as flings and even bedmates, all did not run long. However, unlike his relationship with this woman, Marla Maples. Maples had a daughter from a relationship with Trump in 1992, and they married in 1993. The relationship began a chaotic few years later, and they separated in 1997. They were officially divorced in 1999.

1. Allison Giannini

During the process of divorce between Trump and Marla Maples, Trump had a love affair with an actress named Allison Giannini. They started a relationship since 1998. But the relationship between Trump with Giannini did not last long. That's because Giannini chooses to continue her studies to obtain a master's degree in business in Pen State.

Source: The Richest

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