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The love story of Donald Trump among 3 women

Donald Trump has been rotating map presidential election in 2016 in the United States became very hot. However, the more interesting of all the characters that he shows to the public are women who've accompanied him on the altar.

Donald Trump and Melania

Whatever is done by Donald Trump never deserted from the news, including his wedding which always enliven the mass media. The following figure wives ever accompanies a successful entrepreneur controversial:

Ivana (Zelnickova) Trump

Ivana grew in the Czech republic and has shown her talent skiing as a teenager. She has also been involved in the Czechoslovak Olympic Ski Team in 1972.

Before getting married to Trump, Ivana had actually married to a real estate agent named Alfred Winklemeier for two years before finally divorced.

In 1977, she finally married with Trump at Marble Collegiate church after meeting him in New York. They then have three children, namely Ivanka, Eric Trump and Donald Jr. However, the marriage must be ended because of Trump was having an affair with Marla Maples in 1990.

Ivana receives tremendous benefits after their divorce. She also passed the time by writing frequent divorce advice columns in various magazines. She has a total of four ex-husbands, including the last one is Rossano Rubicondi, Entrepreneur Italian 36-year old.

Marla Maples

She is known as a mysterious wife. Maples is most often made headlines after being involved in Dancing With The Stars. However, before she fills tabloid column about her achievements with the reality show, the news on Maples mostly contain about the controversial relationship with Trump.

Trump and Maples held a wedding party in December 1993. Maples wore a long-sleeved satin bridal gown designed by Carolina Herrera with a bouquet of pink roses. Two months later, Maples provide Trump's second daughter, named Tiffany.

Melania (Knauss) Trump

Melania was born in Slovenia and met her husband now, Trump, at a party, when Trump was dating another woman. In her confession to People magazine, she said that Trump came up with another woman and she was not going to be one of the women who dated by him. However, when Trump sent a message to ask Melanie's telephone number, she gave it. Then they end up establishing wedding vows in 2005. Now, they have been married for 10 years.

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