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8 Warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, you must be careful

The ups and downs are something that is experienced by a person in a relationship. The emergence of the problem, said most people assume that it is in the process of courtship relationship. The above statement would not necessarily be reviewed and accepted by our intellect. You certainly need a measuring tool to test the extent to which the quality of your relationship. Healthy relationships are always based on trust and mutual support to each other. But what if your lover is often said words inappropriate / refer to the abusive? Does he become a partner who already can not be held his trust? Presumably so that you can know what is happening with the relationship between you and your lover, here are 8 signs unhealthy relationship as quoted from the site Mag for Woman:

1. Swearing

Women who have a loved one who is rude and often berate, it can be assured that they are in an unhealthy relationship. Diatribe that came out of the men is a form of verbal violence. Make sure that you are mentally strong enough if you want to continue with him.

2. Insulting or criticism dropping

Criticizing or insulting to a partner for no apparent reason is one of the signs a relationship is unhealthy. In a relationship, it takes the presence of mutual respect for one another and not criticize much less insulting.

3. Selfishness

If in a relationship one of them being selfish, it will certainly affect the other partner and have a negative impact on your relationship. Establishing a relationship, of course, should be based on mutual trust and shared. Many couples who split up because of the bad nature of this one.

Signs of unhealthy relationship

4. Extortion

A good relationship is the complementary nature and not burdensome to either party. If your partner is always asking to buy something using your money, it means he is taking advantage of your kindness. It's okay to do once in a while, but if done repeatedly, it could be he was blackmailing you. You should be careful.

5. Always suspicious

The attitude of anxiety or suspicious, such as always checking SMS / BBM from your mobile or even stalking your social media accounts is another sign of an unhealthy relationship. Always be aware of partner's behavior not only makes the relationship becomes uncomfortable, but also exhausting yourself.

6. Jealous

When in a relationship, of course, it's a nice thing. Jealousy can happen. But if it is allowed to continue, of course, it will be bad for your relationship. Remember, excessive jealousy will lead possessiveness.

7. Less communicate

Communication is an important element in a relationship. If your partner has reduced his communication with you, or even difficult to contact, of course, you and he need to talk more about it. Establish good communication in your relationship in order to make it run more effectively.

8. Feeling alone

Actually, you have a partner, it's just that you do not enjoy these rights so that you always feel alone. It certainly should be a consideration for you to continue your relationship with him. This condition is one of the signs that your partner already feels uncomfortable with you and vice versa.

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