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5 Best ways when meeting an ex after a breakup

A relationship which foundered, it does not let make you become narrow thinking. Take lessons and become a person who is not a vindictive can make you can enjoy the beauty of love. The relationship that has foundered before, no one can estimate you can get back with your ex. Although the relationship was over, and no longer interconnected, it does not mean you are fully spared from the ex-lover. It is possible, you will meet ex-lover accidentally somewhere.

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You do not need to reject or take a thousand steps (run away) to avoid your ex, maybe you want to reject ex-lover who want to return. But wait, when you meet with a former lover is not necessarily he wants to get back to you. When you meet him, a situation like this sometimes makes you become awkward and panic, especially if you still have not managed to alienate the affections to him. But this can no longer be avoided and should be your job to finish. Here are some tips when you meet with your ex after a breakup in order not to feel awkward and panic as reported by She Knows, among others:

1. Calm yourself

Being as calm as possible is the most important thing when meeting with a former lover. Maybe he is a man who ever hurt you, or perhaps vice versa. You may also still keep a feeling of love with him. Regardless of what you think and you feel, stay calm, do not worry, and do not need to be awkward. Try to greet him like a casual friend. Create a relaxed conversation by discussing the general things, and do not let you and your ex to discussing personal problems. Make a controlled communication in which it aims to create a more private conversation.

2. Be friendly

Incident when you terminate your relationship with him or otherwise he chose to end your romance with him, sometimes making a trauma itself for you. When you meet him, you might think if he's going to invite you back in a relationship, and at once you will try to resist returning to him. You probably thought to be unfriendly and hostile to him. But, it will only aggravate the situation. In addition, if you are still saving pent up feelings, keep it and do not lay out to him. Of course, you do not want to be seen still think of the man, is not it? Does not need to go overboard, try to smile and be friendly to him. It is very effective to create an impression that makes you look more respectable than you being unfriendly to him.

Meeting an ex

The smile is most useful to overcome the troublesome things. Although fake smiles, unexpected mostly be fooled.

3. Do not remember his ugliness

Given the ugliness of ex-lover when the meeting is a form of viewpoint is wrong. When you meet an ex-lover, perhaps you could think bad event when with him and it makes you upset and does not intend to say hello to him. No longer need to remember past events. It just makes you miserable and trying to avoid him. Avoid him makes you branded as a childish woman. Make yourself be great in the eyes of your ex-lover.

4. Avoid conversations controversy

Met with an ex-lover who is not unexpected altogether can encourage you to create a form of communication that is "retroactive". This can lead to conversations that are not dynamic because of the conversations that you do base on revenge and still could not accept the treatment of your ex-lover when previously put an end to your relationship. Therefore, establishing a form of conversation that is dynamic and positive. If he tries to reopen past wounds or trying to expose your ugliness in public, just relax. If you're provoked, it actually can embarrass yourself and the more damaging the atmosphere. Let him say what he wants to say, and stay relaxed. You were smart are you that can accountable for what you say.

5. Brief encounter

Long discussion can happen when you meet with your ex-lover. But the best move when you met with him, which obviously has a bad track record when you're with him, you should not have to waste a lot of time to have a conversation with him. So the conversation that you do have limitations, and the weight of the conversation becomes more important than the conversations that only gibberish and nonsense. Finish the conversation in a polite way. It can create that you have good ethics.

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