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5 Advantages of humorous partner in a relationship

Living a love affair actually not be an easy thing. The number of tests and trials are the challenge for you and your partner in maintaining the integrity of your relationship with him. Of course, you do not want to get a hard partner. Moreover, he showed an attitude that seemed rude either verbally or physically. However, when you get a partner that has a soul and sense of humor, of course, it's extremely positive in living a love affair with him were also highly vulnerable to test and trial.

It is undeniable that the man who has a sense of humor would be the ideal man for every woman. It is based on a survey involving respondents amounted to 15,000 singles in the UK, and the results show that good sense of humor occupies the first position in the list of ''Character into a woman's dream to be made as consideration being a life partner'' quoted by Female First. Respondents believe that the high sense of humor that is owned by a man can make life more enjoyable, happy and also soothe their soul. There are 5 other things so why women have more will to choose men who have the humorous soul as quoted by Female First, among others:

5 Advantages of humorous partner in a relationship:

1. Can relieve stress.
Undergoing a relationship with a man who has a hard character will surely generate a relationship that seems formal and serious. Such a relationship is certainly very vulnerable to the risk of stress. So that such a case is avoided by them and have the desire to prefer a relationship with a man who has the soul of humor. For women, romance is not only a burden. But there are many other burdens should they complete such as work and other activities. Women have more desire in their relationship as a relationship of mutual giving happiness but not the burden of thought. So they are avoiding the man who has the soul of a high temper. Women will be happier with a humorous partner. When she stressed, he can comfort her.

Humorous partner

2. Making the relationship more pleasant.
Got a partner who has the soul of humor, certainly makes you more enjoy a relationship with him and become more pronounced pleasant. Thus, men are required to always be able to create a pleasant atmosphere for their partner in order that their relationship becomes more fun with each other.

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3. Reduce the tension in a relationship.
In most women, they become tense in the face of a serious partner, especially temperament. So that they do not enjoy happiness with their partner. This is the reason why women are more likely to have a partner who has a sense of humor. Of course the reason in order that they can better enjoy a relationship that is more fun with their partner. Get a partner that can always make them laugh into the reasons why women prefer humorous men.

4. Become more comfortable.
A relationship would certainly be more comfortable when their partner always creates a pleasant atmosphere. The man who is always able to make the atmosphere with humor intelligence possessed by him, of course, be able to make their partner feel happiness and certainly more be enjoyed. It thus would be able to be an attraction for a man who has a sense of humor.

5. A sense of humor is synonymous with intelligence.
Creating a joke or make the atmosphere tense to be calm is certainly not to do that easily. It thus necessarily requires intelligence in doing so. Based on the survey results, as reported by CNN, ''A man who has a sense of humor in their relationship would be considered more intelligent than the man who has a serious character in undergoing relationship''. The situation will always be easy to melt with a joke that he had so that it can make the people around him becomes more pleasant.

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