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5 Signs your boyfriend still loves his ex-girlfriend

Relationships that have ended up with ex-girlfriend would be a matter that remains to be questioned further. Sometimes even in a relationship that has been undertaken with a new girlfriend, he still put a heart with his ex-girlfriend once. It thus will indeed make you annoyed with your boyfriend. You feel unappreciated by him and perceive that he does not love you, but you are just an escape for him.

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Many female partners then finally complained to her boyfriend about the condition. Of course, you have to reinforce your relationship with him. Ask him to pick you or prefer the former girlfriend. However, most girls do not know the signs if her boyfriend still loves his ex. Therefore, you should be able to recognize the five signs that he still loves his ex-girlfriend, as quoted by All Women Stalk, among others:

1. Often communicate with his ex

When your boyfriend is still often communicated with his ex (both he is in contact or be contacted) with giving a reason to you that just to establish a good friendship. This allows the show that your boyfriend still loves his ex. However, you have to prove it first. In this condition, you must pay attention to the intensity of your partner's communication with his ex. If your boyfriend showed that he still often communicate with her in a few weeks or even a few months, or when you still find phone numbers or pin BB of his ex from him. It can be ascertained that he can not forget his ex. This means that your boyfriend still puts a heart with a girlfriend in his past.

He still loves his ex

2. Still often stalking on social networking

Although the relationship has ended, if the former have unforgettable memories, it will be a difficult thing to forget about her. Moreover, to withstand the curiosity about her current life. To see the condition of an ex, then the easiest step to do that is to see her through social networks such as twitter or facebook. It can make a reference. Wherein when your boyfriend is still often watching his ex through social networks, especially he comments on the postings of his ex, then it is possible your partner still loves his ex and can not move on from her. Do not make it persists because it is not impossible his ex still loves your partner as well.

3. Demonstrate passion impression when contacting his ex

Honest boyfriend would always be open to all actions were taken with him against their partners. When you and he were just starting a relationship with him, it is possible you currently only be an escape. However, it can be proved if when you walk with him, and then he received a telephone call from his ex, you can observe the reaction of his aura and the content of their conversation. When your boyfriend showed impression passion when communicating with his ex, then most likely he has not been able to move on with you.

4. Jealousy with his ex

Maybe your boyfriend is the jealous type. But when he showed jealousy towards matters concerning the life of his ex, it could be the obvious thing and a sign he had not to move on from his ex. Logically, if he did not love his ex again, then he does not need at all to know her. Moreover jealous of his ex's life today. You be able to assess that he could not forget his girlfriend in the past.

5. Shows emotional expression when talking about his ex

Most men when their partners bring the conversation on his ex, he will show emotional expression. If you are in this condition, then it can be you question yourself on expression displayed by him. An emotional expression may indicate that he still can not move on from his ex. If indeed your partner no longer has more feelings for his ex, then he is not supposed to show the emotional expressions when talking about his ex-girlfriend. When he showed such reactions, then it can be taken as a sign that your partner still can not rise from a past relationship with his ex.

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