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4 Warning signs of a relationship in trouble

A healthy relationship with a partner, it will show the characteristics or signs are healthy too. The intensity of the meeting, good communication, mutual anxiety devote each will be some things that will be displayed in a healthy relationship. However, when things do not occur in your relationship with him, of course, you have to assume that the relationship is not in a healthy condition. Although if you then look at the status and physical in your relationship with your loved one, you still feel that he is your partner. But it is possible there is another woman that fill the heart and mind of your partner.

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This is possible because your partner has been ''playing heart'' with another woman and it's not you. You should try to improve the conditions so that the relationship between you and your partner can come back healthy like the last time. Therefore, you must become proficient in identifying what things are then shown by your partner. It can escort you on a problem relationship. Here are four signs indicating that your relationship is in trouble, as quoted from She Know's, among others:

1. He rarely shared

In general, men are the most intelligent person in hiding their problems, especially regarding personal matters concerning feelings. Sometimes a female partner more active role so that their partner want to tell about any problems that exist around their partner. Although it has persuaded many ways by his partner, they still remain adamant to not share their problems. It thus shows the characteristics that your partner can not assume you again as someone who can be trusted to listen to the anxiety that he felt. This can be an unhealthy impact on your relationship with your partner. Your partner is currently being reluctant to tell the problems experienced by him, it signifies that he does not put you in his heart. In these conditions, when you persuade your partner will only be a futile thing that detrimental to you are mental, energy, and time. It where is your partner remain just an expression that is not 'welcome' by your persuasion to see the problems felt by him at this time. So you can get out of this condition, then you must take steps by talk to him privately and how you feel about this condition. So, you can determine the next step or action. If it had been you take, you should take the decision not to establish a relationship with him again that would make your time be wasted.

Relationship in trouble

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2. He was like someone else

The closeness that once exist between you and your partner will no longer be as close as before. When his current attitude to be different and not like before, then it can be taken as a sign that your relationship is in an unhealthy condition. From this, you would think that he looks at you like someone else and not his partner. You can take steps to make habits that can make you and him happy by doing fun activities you do with him. If your partner shows disrespect by these habits again, it was possible that he does not love you anymore and his heart was filled by another woman. To overcome these conditions, then you should tell him that his attitude has changed and does not like once was. Tell him that you feel that he's been like someone else. When your partner does not respect and do not show an impression to improve his attitude, then you do not have to continue your relationship with him.

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3. He always avoids when you talk about the future relationship

A man who is serious to establish a relationship with his partner, he will always excite when talking about the resolution of the future in their relationship. This is a positive and healthy sign in a relationship. However, what happens when their male partners always defaulters, dodge, and even always divert the conversation to other topics, rather than talk about the resolution of the future of their relationship. If your partner shows that attitude, then it is possible that he was not serious in a relationship with you and perhaps also that in fact his heart was not intended for you. In these conditions, you must show a firm attitude that the relationship you are living with a serious purpose. If your partner does not respond properly related to it, then you should not undergo a love affair with him anymore because he not serious with you. It's time for you to seek a new partner who can responsible and serious to establish a relationship with you.

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4. He is not firm in responding or answers

The ideal male partners must always show a strong attitude towards their partner. Not indicate rough attitude, but the decisiveness shown by him aims to strengthen the love relationship as a couple. He would always be eagerly welcomed the talks concerning her love relationship with you in the future. When the communication between you and him was talking about a relationship more often use the word ''may be'', rather than using the word ''yes'' or ''no'', of course, it shows that your partner is not the kind of man who firmly. Perhaps previously your partner is a personal firm in determining things. But when it is no longer shown by your partner, then there are some irregularities in these conditions. It is possible that your partner loves another woman. He always tried to keep a distance between you with him emotionally. It shows that your partner is the type of man who does not have the commitment or do not want to commit related his relationship with you. In a love affair with a partner who is not firm, of course, it's just a waste of your time and also damaging your mental. Then you should as much as possible you can avoid a relationship with a man were fickle and indecisive in your relationship with him.

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