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8 Tips to detecting happiness in a relationship with him

Generally, to establish a relationship with someone becomes a thing that gives happiness. The days that you spent with him was very brief when you are near him. Such conditions is a very common thing experienced by those who are enjoying the beauty of falling in love and also generally felt by couples who had just a relationship. However, what happens if you are classified as couples who has been long enough in a relationship with him? This will be a condition that is different when compared with a new couple. The duration of courtship has you lived with him, of course sometimes appear big questions on yourself. Ask yourself ''Am I happy with him?''. ''Is he the right man in my life for the foreseeable future?''. That is one of the questions on most women who have established a long relationship with her partner.

Often encountered cases where friends around us who have been dating for so long and they look great couple and seemed happy from the outside. But it turns out they did not get happiness with the current partner. Problems like this is a natural thing for those who already had a long courtship with their partner. Therefore, you need a reference that can be used as a benchmark whether your current partner is the right man for you that can give you happiness always present or future, and, of course, your relationship with him in a healthy condition. Here are 8 tips that you can apply to be able to detect the happiness of a relationship with your partner, as quoted by All Women Stalk, among others:

1. You always feel happiness when with him

In general, the feeling can be used as a characteristic of a woman because women are creatures of sensitive. A healthy relationship will always overwhelm by feelings of happiness. You can detect your relationship with your partner by seeing your history during the decision in a relationship with him. If you are in the condition in which he had and showed love and affection that is consistent with you, since the past until now, of course, it always makes you happier than to make you upset. So, he is the right person to be your partner and can give happiness to you in the future.

2. The future with him

An ideal relationship of love certainly has the desire to bring the relationship to a more serious direction. In general, the style of relationships that we find today, it did not pay attention to their relationship in the future. This could result in the establishment of a relationship that is useless because it did not think of the future resolution with a partner. From the above, you can detect your relationship with your partner by attention to how he could always directing your relationship into a better direction. When your partner shows that attitude, of course, he has the desire to improve the quality of your relationship with him during this time. He also has a resolution of future/planning for you with him in the future. By doing so, you are in the condition in which he can establish a relationship with a good and healthy. Of course, it always makes you feel happy in your relationship with him now.

Happiness in a relationship

Something that makes me happy is to be with you until the end of my life. I love you forever.

3. Respect your partner

The couple who always respect each other and listen to suggestions or advice from their partner can be classified into a serious couple in fostering a relationship. It is intended that they can always cover the partner's fault for always to foster a better relationship in the future and put forward the happiness of partner to each other. You can make things above as a reference to the relationship that you live with him at this time. If you always show and maintain respect for him as the people you love. Similarly, on the contrary, he has always shown and nurture mutual respect to you as a person he loved. Then the man can be classified as the right man for you. Show mutual respect toward one another partner is one of the efforts that can make you and your partner always feel the happiness so that it can be ascertained that you have a very good relationship with him.

4. He can be proud

Have a good record is a thing to get an appreciation or an added value that deserves to be used as an assessment for their partners. If you establish a relationship with a man who can be proud of the ability, good performance, or achievements, of course, your partner is a man who can be relied upon by you. You can test him to see how he communicates with another person. A good achievement will certainly make someone else give compliments and adulation on your partner. This is a very positive thing demonstrated by your partner. Other people will automatically respect you as his partner, where the other person will tell you that your male partner is a great man for them.

5. Do not hesitate to ask for his opinion

In most women, it is rare to ask the opinion of their partner on a few things. For example, from the simplest things such as asking his opinion when you want to choose a gift for your parents who later birthday or ask for opinions on other matters. Different perspective necessarily owned by men when compared to women's perspectives. However, it does not become a problem to just ask his opinion. When you do not feel embarrassed to ask his opinion even always appreciate your opinion. Then it shows that your partner is a man who always had space to give happiness to you so that you no longer feel embarrassed when asked for his opinion on certain things. Based on that, unconsciously, you always feel the happiness with the opinions that he gives.

6. Do not be disturbed by the habit that he had

When a man has a strange habit and then either intentionally or unintentionally shown in public places, by most women usually would feel irritated and annoyed with his habits. However, if you are already enjoying the habit and respond to it in a relaxed and consider it a habit if not he putting out will reduce the romance you with him, then it can be used as a reference that your relationship is a relationship that is healthy and always happy under any circumstances. It can show that you can accept him without ignoring the responses of others.

7. You do not have the desire to break up with him

Establishing a healthy relationship, of course, each couple will try to keep their relationship in order to always run well and they are not willing to break up when there are problems between them. They will always solve it in a good way. When you are in this condition, you can measure it by looking back at how you and your partner when facing a problem. Does your partner so easily say to end your relationship with him? if your partner always avoids speech or words that have to mean to end the relationship, it means he is a male partner who is right for you. It is based on where although there is a problem between you and him, he will always resolve the issue in a better way. The man who always avoid problems with you, of course, because he was avoiding you breaks up with him. However, when you are in a condition where there is a problem between you and him, he so easily emotional so that he's able to say the words to break up with you. That means he's not the right man. It is based because you can judge him that he does not have the ability to solve problems nicely and always be emotional when faced with problems. It claimed that he was unable to think with a cool head in resolving your issues with him.

8. You are not afraid of losing him

In undergoing a relationship, healthy couples have no fear of their relationship ends. It is based on where the relationship that exists between them will be maintained with mutual respect for partner each other. If your partner is always trying to maintain respect for you and you always keep to respect your partner, it means that your relationship with him is a healthy relationship. The well-maintained condition can certainly make you and your partner are always filled with happiness and give you comfort him. Feelings of fear do not have to be your concern excessively so that later the conditions will always be maintained and your partner will not do anything to hurt your feelings. It thereby is an important thing in building a healthy relationship.

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