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7 Signs he is a playboy - Women should be vigilant

A playboy now becomes the target of many women, and even there are many women who are trying to conquer playboy. A man who launched the seduction of women in order to get the attention from any woman who he wants. It was perfectly natural for the man not only cast flattery and compliment to you alone but can be accountable for his words. This means that firstly you as an intelligent woman should be synchronization between the seduction of a man by his actions to you. Be careful with the seduction of men, it would be something that is often done by women who are afraid to be disappointed. Nevertheless, there are still many women who melt to flattery and compliment filed by a man. Worse, the man is a playboy, especially will be a complicated condition later on if you decide to establish a relationship of love with him.

In order for you are not have come too far unintentionally fall in love with a man who turned out was a playboy, firstly you could be in recognizing his characters. When you know his characters, you will be able to know whether he was included in the category of Playboy. Here are 7 signs so that you are not stuck with a playboy as reported in She Knows and Ask Guy, among others:

1. He rarely gives the news to you

A man who really loves you certainly often give you the news about the activities which he did. When a man of your partner rarely gives the news to you, it should be you questionable to yourself. Such measures are worth if you are suspicious of him. When you have this condition, you should take steps to find out more details about why he did not give the news to you, for example, you can contact him at night hours around 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m. Therefore, in these hours are the spare time that is usually done by men. It shows that he is not a man who is really seriously want to a relationship of love with you. The man was simply using his spare time to tempt you.

2. The discussion always leads only to your physical and s*x

Compliments are one of the most favored by women and superiority, especially if you have a physical ideal in the eyes of men. However, you should be suspicious if the man is very often giving you the compliment so highly exaggerated. The compliment was intended by him to establish a relationship that is more than normal. If you've experienced it, then you can indicate that he was just toying with you. Especially when you communicate with him, the conversation always leading to s*x. It can you be sure that he only wants to use you and establish a relationship with you is simply a lie.

3. He has a lot of female friends

When a man has a lot of female friends, but he still gives an explanation to you, then the possibility that the man is a serious man because he always is transparent with you the scope of association with his female friends. However, what happens if turns out once you know that he has a lot of female friends, and when you are walking together, he often receives a phone from a female friend who you do not know? Worse he distances himself when receiving telephone; then you must be vigilant because that type of man can be identified as the kind of playboy.

He is a playboy

4. He always invites dating at the same place

Fall in love often makes women forget and blind to everything, even to the place of your dating with him just always done in the same place. Place of dating could be just always in your home, the same cafe, or another hangout. Perhaps he would argue that he already knew the menu at that place so make him comfortable. However, it should be you browsed from his movements when you were dating with him, or place of your dating is not much visited by others. Therefore, it could be he's trying to keep it safe when walking with you and not get caught by persons who knew him. Worse when it turned out the man was married. Usually, Playboy will invite you dating in a place which is not much visited by others. When this happens, you can test it by taking him for dating in a crowded place like a mall.

5. He is not transparent with you about his life

When you've undergone quite a long relationship of love with him, but he did not tell you about what his routine, his family, nor where he lives, then it is very worthy of being what you suspect. A man who really loves you certainly always try to make you a part of his life, especially his personal life. If it is shown by the men who approach you, then you should be wary of him. His attitude is not transparent, most likely because he was the kind of playboy and he has another woman beside you.

6. He is good at seducing

In general, the difficulty of women refused the post of a player or a playboy; it could be due to his cleverness in praising you or cast flattery and compliment to you. His cleverness in the word processing certainly makes you more blind to recognize the deeper of his characters. In this condition, you are required to be an intelligent woman in addressing the compliment and flattery that he gave due the compliment and flattery are later able to cheat you.

7. He always invites you by suddenly

The man who planned a time to walk with you, of course, he is the kind of men that does not include the type of playboy. That is because, in addition, he must set the time on his activities that have been notified to you in advance. However, if he always invites you by suddenly, it could be he is the kind of playboy. That is because a man who playboy always prepare a plan for women who fall into his trap. So if one of the women does not have the time to go with him, then he will invite another woman. Playboy always has the option to invite women who were targeted by him to get to go with him. In this condition, you can test it using your female friends, where before you had to compromise with them. If turns out when he invites you, and you say no, and then he invites your female friends to go, it can be ascertained that he included in the class of men who playboy, so you already have a compelling reason to leave him.

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