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4 Tips for overcoming jealousy in relationship

The term "an ex" phrase, sometimes analogized as a negative thing. By the time you hear the word "an ex," our ears have direct introspective. Because she reminds us of the beautiful memory that have occurred or that makes us remember at the bitterness of romance.

By the time you have had a new lover, an ex also often make your new lover becomes sensitive. Not a problem if your new lover, not a jealous lover. But it's another story if your new lover is a jealous lover. Because it can not be denied, usually if an ex, want to re-knit a friendship that had been cut off in the past. Without having the slightest intention to disturb your relationship with your new lover, she tried to rebuild a friendship which was cut off in the past.

Not infrequently, the social networking chose as a media to communicate with you. This alternative is usually selected if an ex, had difficulty contacting your telephone number. Because, when you break up with her, and you have a new lover jealous, of course, she will ask you to delete the phone number of your ex. And you can not move slightly if your new lover asks you to do so. Because if it is not done, might occur quarrel.

Well, the good faith to re-establish a friendship with your ex sometimes judged "differently" by your new lover. She could have thought that you would like to back the memory of a wonderful memory shared your ex on social networking, or even she thinks you will leave her and will knit in love with your ex.

By the time that happens, you are the one who must react wisely. You should never side with anyone. Because she did not like the comparison and also hated being hurt. With denigrate your ex, then you will hurt a lover. Here are four tips on how to overcome jealousy in a relationship that may help you:

1. Be truthful with your new lover

Honesty is a good start in building a friendship. If you can be honest with your new lover about an ex, then you can appreciate your relationship with your new lover.

2. Give an explanation that is positive about your ex

You are not allowed to defend your ex in front of your new lover. Because it would hurt your new lover. And you should not denigrate your ex in front of your new lover. Because however, it will hurt your ex is already heartened want to re-establish a friendship with you.

Jealousy in relationship

Give positive explanation about your ex on your new lover. Suppose, explain to your new lover why your ex, trying to re-establish a friendship with you. Give positive impact that can be taken with the establishment of the friendship. But if you think the process of building a friendship is considered more likely to have negative effects, then you should try to explain it either way on your ex.

3. Further action

If your new lover could not take it and force you to have nothing to do with your ex, then give an explanation slowly about the importance of fostering a friendship and logical reason why you still want to deal with your ex in the context of the "friend" only. Assure her that you will not go beyond the limits of a friend because now your heart just loves her.

4. Take her to think positively about your ex

Not that forced her to get to know your ex. But there is no harm if you give a positive perception about your ex to her in order to avoid hostility and misunderstanding between both sides.

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