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5 Steps to leaving emotionally abusive relationship

If you are in a relationship that makes you emotional pain as a result of the harsh words expressed by your partner, then perhaps you are currently grappling with the decision to go or stay. Even, maybe your inner struggle has been going on for many years. You may find it impossible to leave. But rest assured that you can leave your partner and have a life for yourself that is beautiful and free of emotional abuse.

Here are five steps that will help you leave an unhealthy relationship. In doing these five steps, do not be too concerned about how your partner's feelings, and what his/her reaction. S/he certainly did not want to lose you. You have for years been the target of his/her anger. Naturally, s/he will not be that easy to let go of you. But if you really want to be free and have a better life, you have taken the liberty past the "wall" that confine you. Rest assured that the "wall" is not as high as you feared.

Emotionally abusive relationship

Nothing is impossible. You can do it. You can free yourself from your torturous relationship. Just do the following five steps:

1) Commit to going.
Make a strong commitment and irrevocably that you will end the relationship and you will not put it off again. Say to yourself, 'Until now I could not see a way out of this pain. But now I am committed to leaving this relationship.' Please note that at this stage, be careful not to give out your commitment to your partner. You are not ready for this step. The first step is to make your own secret. If you have a close friend who you can trust 100% to keep a secret, you can vent about your commitment to this friend. Ask for their support to become your trusted friend, that you are confident and know that you can do this and that it will serve you well. If you suspect that even though your closest friends can actually divulge your intentions to your partner, then you should keep secret any intention.

2) Prepare a plan.
Compose your departure plans in detail. For example, if you are married, you must decide if you or your partner is going to leave the house. If the house you occupy is a common property, consult with an attorney or legal counsel who can provide the right advice about your rights and obligations in terms of the legal and financial. If you have school age children or toddlers, of course, you'll need to think about the fulfillment of their needs in your plan. Once again, you should not tell your kids ahead of time about this. If you tell them about your intentions before you say it to your partner, the secret will be a great burden on your children.

3) Practicing.
Plan what you will say to your partner when you tell him that you want to end the relationship and that you will move to a specific date or that you expect your partner to go on a specified date. This exercise is very important because your emotions at the time to say it, it might make you difficult to express your feelings clearly. Not to mention the insecurity that may even disappear when you need them. So often practiced.

4) Do it your plans.
Select a specific date and tell your partner that you want your relationship "is over!". Do not spend too much time on the steps 1-3 as it means you do delay and inaction. Keep moving forward and asking for strength to God. You will have all the power you need to do this. Believe in yourself. Start with the first step and you will feel the next steps much easier. Your goal is to go with integrity and dignity. Let your absence become beautiful moments like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon and fly free.

5) Fixed firmly.
Your partner will probably protest and try to persuade you to maintain a relationship. S/he will probably give you all kinds of promises to change behavior, promise to be more loving, planning a holiday to the place of your dreams, and so forth. You may suddenly feel hesitant and indeed this is the purpose of your partner. Keep a diary and write down all the facts that you live and feel while living with him. Write about pain, emotional disturbance and your confusion. Accordingly, when your partner say that you are too dramatize the situation or even being childish, you'll know in your heart that you are making the right decision for yourself. And you will be able to say calmly and firmly:
I've decided to go. Whatever you say or do, it will not change my decision. My decision is final.

Even after you physically really had to leave your partner, your ex-partner may be trying to call and invite you to meet. S/he might try to provoke you to discuss anything other than a relationship, for example, about the children or the technical division of several items belonging together. Rest assured that this is just baiting to get you back. Do not be provoked into a long conversation. If you need to speak with your ex-partner about something important like children, keep the conversations and interactions in order to keep it brief and to the point. Learn how to say politely, "I have to go now" and then hung up the phone or get into your car and go. Remain steadfast in defending your decision to end the abusive relationship and your commitment to a better life for yourself. Stay focused on your goals. By exercising, practice, be true to your establishment will quickly become a new habit that can be used in all areas of your life.

Now you already know the 5 steps you must take to leave the emotionally abusive relationship, do not let this information should only be something that just read. If you do not do these five steps and does not really leave the relationship, you will remain stuck in the same condition as it is now. You can do this. Start with the first step, today. Then move on to other steps. Good luck!

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