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7 Natural characters of men that must be understood by women

In many ways, men and women have many differences. All these differences that affect the continuity of the relationship between two beings of the opposite sex. So that the relationship can take place properly, women should know and understand the nature of men, and vice versa. The best tips that can be given to a woman in order to understand men is that men like women who behave as is and give freedom to man to do his hobby.

Here are the natural characters of men that must be understood by women:

1) Men are not patient in financial matters. They often eliminate the memorandum of payment or forget where they put their money. They also do not care how much money they use to buy the gadget. But there's also why men patient in financial matters. If your boyfriend / husband, the kind which one?

2) Men can apply double standards in terms of weight. If you notice, most men have a distended abdomen and do not care about their weight. But on the other hand, they like women who are slender and flat-bellied. Therefore, as a woman, you should keep your weight proportionate to remain visible in the eyes of men. Moreover, if your body is slim, not just your boyfriend / husband are happy, you also must be more confident right?

3) Most men do not care too much attention to their bodies. Body care products that they use are quite modest, eg, deodorant, cologne and hair oil. But instead, they like women who are good at taking care of themselves and dress up. You do not have to perform redundantly. But at least, you maintain the cleanliness of your skin in order to do not look oily and acne.

Natural characters of men

4) If the woman loves to shop and gossip, men prefer to play sports games or online games. You have to give a chance to your boyfriend / husband to enjoy his personal hobby.

5) Men do not like a jealous woman. Indeed, many women easily feel jealous when seeing her boyfriend / husband is adjacent to another woman. Women also did not like if her boyfriend / husband has a female friend and familiar with her. The key here is to believe in your boyfriend / husband and do not be too possessive.

6) One great way to attract the attention of men are paying attention the way you dress. The clothes you wear can send a sign or a message to a man. Some men even arranged the clothes worn by her partner when dating. There are men who want their partner to wear clothes that are not too sexy. That's because the clothes are too sexy can lure another man to tempt you.

7) Men sometimes feel embarrassed to show their true feelings. When dealing with your partner, you remember that you should never assume. Instead, you should ask your partner if you want to know what he was really feeling or thinking. Although it may be true that women have a sixth sense and somehow be able to read the minds of her partner. But in terms of his feelings, you can not rely on instinct alone. You need to verify your guess to ask questions directly to your boyfriend / husband.

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