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Tips for close distance relationship is not boring

Close distance relationship very pleasant indeed. Because you do not have to bother to managing your time schedule a date with your sweetheart as you'll see him every day. You also do not need to worry about him because you can see the activity of him. Especially if you are in one place the same activities, such as an office or campus. Surely access to meeting will be more wide open. But it turns out the type of relationship that has been chosen by the majority of people, it is also has a positive and negative effects.

Positive effects, obviously as described above. But it turned out negative effects are also often perceived, especially for men who love a challenge at the moment in a relationship with a woman. Let's say, you become easily bored. Because the intensity of the meet very often it sometimes makes your curiosity towards your lover on the wane. Close distance relationship is sometimes also making you very often spend time with the idol's heart. And it makes you not have more time to spend time with your friends.

Every relationship definitely has positive and negative effects. And it all depends on you, will make it a fun thing, or even make it very boring. If you have a steady pick this relationship then you must consistently maintain harmony in your relationship. Close distance relationship, you can make it so much fun.

Close distance relationship is not boring

Here, there are some tips for you who are currently undergoing close distance relationship and has now started to hit by boredom. Throw away your boredom after you read the following tips:

1) Give an empty space for your privacy and your friends.
Try to take the time to do personal things that correspond with your hobby. Because spending time for yourself can make you discover and get to know your true identity. And it makes you more introspective in selecting or deciding something for your future.

Make also space to spend time with best friends. Do not continue to rely on your lover. Because spending a lot of time with friends can make your view of life more widely. And it makes you able to think and decide on something more mature.

2) Take a job that is not a single field with your lover.
Although located under one roof, such as an office or a campus, it does not mean you should always stick with your lover. You also will have an interest and his own pleasure. Therefore, try to take a different job with him. It will make you and your lover have a way of looking and thinking differently. And differences in views could be the subject of discussion for you and your lover.

3) Begin set up a schedule your date.
After you set up personal time and leisure time with friends, begin to set the time of your date. It needs to be done to foster a sense of longing for your lover. If necessary, adjust the time concept a fun date. Do not just spend your time by going to the mall or watching a favorite movie. But start with new things. For example spend time by cycling around the city, designing new business, discuss the job, or trying new recipes.

Begin designing a healthy relationship with your lover. Good luck!!!

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