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Excessive attention could endanger a relationship

Once a relationship has tied a woman to a man, then at that moment she felt that she had someone who could change her life. She assumes that you are the most special person and she should treat you as well as possible. You are a place for spoiled for her, a place to vent all the joys and sorrows, as well as being a friend to share the story of her life.

Women are more difficult to mask the taste of her interest to a man. They occasionally directly flustered or nervous when meeting and dealing with the man that they love. Therefore, when you have become her partner, she will change dramatically for the better attention to yourself. Both in terms of appearance or your behavior.

Initially, it was very pleasant if there is someone who cares for us. But if it's too much, then over time will make the relationship becomes uncomfortable. And worse, it will turn him into a woman who overprotected.

a woman who overprotected

Excessive concern turns out to have other negative effects, which makes her affection towards yourself disappear and turn into another flavor, namely feel like to have or obsession.

This flavor will make your space narrowing because all your movements will be a concern. As a result, you will lose the personal time and the time to get together with your friends. And it can make you stress. She also increasingly suspicious of you if you are adjacent to another woman although she is just a regular friend.

For those of you who were experiencing something like this, there are some tips that can be taken into consideration for the sustainability of your relationship.

1) Talk nicely.
If the attention that she gave, had you consider to exceed the limits of normality, give an explanation to her that what she was doing too much and it makes you feel uncomfortable with your relationship with her.

Tell her that excessive attention will only cause negative effects for the sustainability of the relationship. Because of course, both you and she would still want a lot of socializing with others without curbed. But still mutual respect and keep the commitment to each other.

2) End the relationship with a good way.
If this is a way to remind your partner remains unchanged and you still feel uncomfortable, then end the relationship with a good way. If you think it's better than the relationship continued but hurt both sides. Do not let you are cheating. Because cheating is not a good solution for resolving a problem.

3) Dare to take a decision.
As a man, you have to take a decision. If of your still love her and want to try to live a relationship, but you are not comfortable with her attitude that was too over protective, then you have to be consistent to change the mindset of your partner. But if of your feel uncomfortable with this relationship because of her attitude that you think is not fair, then you should dare to affirm the end of your relationship and your partner with words that do not offend her.

Attention is greatly needed in every relationship. Because it is a sign of affection between you and your partner. But, you also have to introspective if it exceeds the limit so that none of those who feel aggrieved at a later date.

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