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Listen and contemplate criticism of your partner

Your partner may know your traits more than you think.
When you're having a conflict with your partner, you are likely to disagree with the things she said about you. You respond by telling your partner '''I know better how my personality'''. But you are wrong. Your partner can see inside you, such as the characteristics, traits, attitudes, reactions, and behaviors that you denied. You refuse to acknowledge all the bad things about you because all of it is contrary to the self-image as long as you believe.

If you insist that your partner is wrong, that you know exactly who you are, you're not will listen and reflect on criticism of your partner. In contrast, you keep repeating the same reactions and behaviors in your relationship. Because you do not realize how it can ruin your relationship. You also keep repeating the same behavior at any time to your partner. You should be able to listen to criticism of your partner. By listening to the criticisms of your partner, you can find out what needs to be changed, improved and maintained so that your relationship can still run well.

No one likes to be criticized. No one likes to be told what they should and should not do. No one likes to be scolded because of doing wrong. But, people close to you (in this case your partner) can see and detect in things that are not visible by yourself. They may will more objective about who you are than yourself. If you realize this, you will listen to criticism of your partner and try to improve yourself.

Give constructive criticism

One of the ways that you can try is by means of look at your partner's comments as constructive criticism and not as a reproach or insult. Her comments came out because of her love for you, not because she hated you. Your partner gives you a comment for the good of your relationship, not to end the relationship. When you are willing to contemplate the possibility that actually there are things about yourself that you did not know, and that these things can ruin your relationship, then you can use the criticism of your partner as a basis to improve yourself.

Courage to listen, accept and change
It is easier to always assume that you are right and your partner is wrong. But if you run into the same conflict with a different partner, it can be concluded that there is something wrong with you that is causing the conflict continue to be repeated.

If you want wholeheartedly to maintain and improve your relationship, but you feel do not know where to start, you can start to hear criticism of your partner, and take your time to contemplate her criticism.

Your next step is to work on the feedback you receive, make the necessary changes and implement them in your relationship. You got nothing to lose - just to get!

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