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How to determine that you are ready to date again

The breakup is a very traumatic event, especially for couples who think that their relationship will never end. When you have invested so much effort and emotion into a relationship, but it turned out that relationship had to end, you can lose your motivation to find someone new. These feelings are normal existence. Feeling disappointed and no longer trust to someone could occur after you have given everything you had for someone, but eventually, your relationship ends.

However, break up with someone who you really loved, it's not the end of the world. According to the proverb, ''When one door closes, a window will open''. When viewed from the positive side, a breakup means that someone better will come. Someone who could really love you and you too can love him.

Dating again with new lover

In difficult times, remember that you'll find someone who will love you with as it is. But before that happens, of course, you have to open your heart again and let go of the past.

Here are some questions that can help you decide if you are ready to start dating again:

1. Do see photos of your ex, still makes you cry?

If your answer is "yes", then it is obvious that you can not switch to another heart. You need to give yourself more time to heal your emotions before you start dating again.

2. How do you react, if you receive a call from your ex?

If you are able to talk to your ex without losing control of your emotions, then this is a good sign that you are ready to date again. However, when talking with your ex can evoke all kinds of emotions and you re-thinking about him all the time, likely that you will need more time to heal your hurt.

3. How do you react when you hear a love song playing on the radio?

Do you feel sad and think about your past relationship, or do you feel excited and hope there will be someone who comes into your life? If you answered ''yes'' to the second question, it is a sign that you are ready dating again.

4. Have you been able to talk about your ex with a relaxed and open?

If you already feel comfortable when talking about your ex to others, this means that you are ready to date again. On the other hand, if you are angry or upset when someone talks about your ex, then it means you are not ready to date again.

5. How do you react when you see your ex with someone else?

Of course it is normal if you feel uncomfortable in a situation like this. However, when it can cause you to forget with your date, and instead continue to remember your ex. Then you feel as if the world had stopped because seeing your ex with someone new, this obviously means that you can not turn to another heart.

When you finally decide to start dating with someone new, make sure that you do not make it as ''an escape'' from the pain of your heart. For example, if you break up with your ex because s/he had an affair, then do not assume that your partner is next also can not be trusted. It may be difficult to learn to trust someone new. But if you do not trust them, you will only frustrate your relationship. Learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each person who comes into your life. Who knows, s/he is finally become the person who you've been looking for.

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