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5 Hard reasons for a woman not to stay friendship after a breakup

Undergoing a relationship of love with a man is certainly one of happy thing for women. However, what happens if your relationship with him should come to an end? It certainly makes you feel being sad and be upset after parting with him. Disappointed and angry with an ex-lover was more complete. Generally, a woman who had been parted with her male partner will try as much as possible to stay away from her ex-lover. Friends with him, certainly be something that you would think twice about doing it. Because to make an ex-lover as a friend, tend to make you difficult to move on. Actually, there is nothing wrong to establish a friendship with your ex-lover. But it is difficult for most women to do so. The difficulty of establishing a good relationship or friendship is certainly due to some reasons. The following are hard reasons for a woman to establish a friendship with her ex-lover after a breakup with him, as summarized from Love Pangky, among others:

1) The relationship is uncertain
Establish a friendship with an ex-lover, but in the relationship, there are habits of you and your ex-lover who does not change when courtship first. Undergoing such a relationship necessarily able be categorized into a relationship that is not certain. So the lack of certainty in the relationship that exists between you and him. If you have a condition such a relationship, we recommend that you make communication more serious and reinforce the relationship. The choice, of course, is none other than whether to re-establish a relationship of love with him or choose not to establish communication within a certain period in advance with him.

2) Sense of love with an ex-lover who still exist
When you are included in a woman who is still very difficult to establish a relationship with an ex-lover, certainly should be based on reasonable grounds. It may be because you still have a sense of love with him so that you are not willing to take the risk of establishing friendship who will be able to make you upset. The termination of a love relationship with a man, a woman would need a long time to get back to communicate with him. It is a reasonable way so that your feelings can be recovered first after a breakup with him.

Difficult to be friends after break up

3) Deep heartache because of the treatment of ex-lover
The reason that a woman is not willing to establish a friendship with her ex-lover, in general, can also be based by the heartache is felt by women after breaking up with her ex-lover. Moreover, your heartache against your ex-lover because when you take the decision to end your love relationship with him. That's because you found him having an affair with another woman. Another thing that can make a woman heartache by her ex-lover can also be caused by an ex-lover had a pretty rough treatment to her. Moreover, had the habit of hurting her physically. Another thing also, for example, when you feel jealous because you know after you break up with him, it turns out that he already had a new lover. It certainly makes you can not take it with your reason to feel jealous and does not receive if you compare yourself with his new lover. Things like the above would make you not willing to establish a friendship with him and you will continue to be haunted by a feeling of deep heartache and cause you hard to move on from him.

4) Her ex-lover has a habit of annoying
Maybe when you are in a relationship of love with your ex-lover first, he has a habit of annoying. It could be the reason why you are not willing to establish a friendship with him. Likes forbid you when you want to go with your friends, have a rude attitude or other habits that often makes you upset. It is a few examples of things that you do not want establish a friendship with him. For these conditions, you should be able to avoid and stay away for a while.

5) Breaking up with a way that is not good
Do not be surprised when you find your friends or relatives who later after they break up with their partner, they re-establish good relations within the bonds of friendship. It could happen, usually because when they break, they end up in a good way. It is no wonder also for those who ended the relationship in a way that is not good, they are not willing to establish friendly relations with an ex-lover. Such an attitude is a natural thing experienced by most women in general because it takes a lot of time to be able to neutralize the hatred and anger against her ex-lover.

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