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7 Characteristics of you are the type of assertive woman

An assertive woman is a special attraction for a man. Even the figure can make a man crazy. Type assertive woman may often consider to be grumpy. She can make men feel awkward or reluctant to approach him in the early days of introduction. But the assertive woman had a side that is very alluring. Ladies, whether you're the kind of woman a firm and attractive to men? Let's check the following characteristics.

1) You dare undertakes new challenges.
An assertive woman will not easily give up. She is also not easily consumed by a sense of she own hesitation. When presented with a new challenge, she will immediately undertake it. 'The important thing to try first' it is her principle.

2) Not carelessly let a man into your life.
Keeping distance is not always bad. You obviously know the limits anyone who may come in your life. And this is important in order to give a sense of comfort to you and others around you.

3) Not waste time making small talk.
Although you are considered to be arrogant because rarely make small talk, but actually it's because you tend to save your energy for another chat topic deeper. When you've found the right topic of conversation, then you can release the contents of your head.

4) Have the attitude and the principle itself.
There is an attitude, principles, and values that you hold. But it did not turn you into a rigid figure. This is evidence that you have a position. You have something that you believe in and form a personal character.

Assertive woman

5) You did not like to steal the attention.
You can carry yourself well, proud and happy to be yourself. You did not steal the attention. If other people like you, you think of it as a tribute. If other people do not like you, you do not feel offended or inferiority.

6) Have a big dream and strive to make it happen.
There is a big dream that you want to achieve. And it is not an empty dream. You're trying to make it happen and do our best to achieve that dream.

7) You are confident.
 Women who are confident will show a charisma that attracted men. You realize that you have flaws and weaknesses. But that does not make you be the woman who spoiled or like asking for mercy. You actually make the lack of it as motivation to be a better woman from time to time.

How is it, ladies? Do you have the characteristics of it? Or maybe you have a different opinion about the type of assertive woman who could be preferred and attracted a man's heart? Share your opinion with us.

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