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[For women] my body is fat after giving birth. How to make a husband still interested in me?

When pregnant, my weight going up like crazy. After the baby was born, my body still feels fat. My husband seems to be less interested in me anymore. What should I do?

Wife's weight gain after birth can make some husbands to be cooler, but this is not the only reason. Many husbands being cold after the child is born because they felt abandoned by his wife, who is busy taking care of the baby. You know how troublesome the care of the baby?

Many husbands are being cold because they feel unconfident. They feel incompetent to be a father while his wife seems really good at taking care of the child directly. Another reason is that many wives (and husbands) who lose their sexual desire some time after the baby is born. Unwillingness to have sexual intercourse when it had a new baby at home is something that is really normal. And the most common reason is fatigue incredible!

Fat after giving birth

Although it sounds cliché, weight does not determine your value as a person and the depth of love you both. Rest assured that your husband still thinks you are hot as before, even with your belly sagging. There may be other reasons why your physical and emotional intimacy with your partner is reduced. To warm up your love life, think about other ways other than sexual intimacy that you can do to improve your relationship. For example, if you and your partner can still talk with an intimate, throwing jokes, romantic dinner, or movement of affection that might normally do before your child was born? If not, it's time to spend some time together without the baby!

Increased your weight gain might just be the reason most visible from the cold of your relationship as husband and wife. To overcome this, consider the idea of seeing a marriage counselor, either on your own or together with your partner. If you see a marriage counselor alone, find a counselor who will help you overcome the problems related to your role as a new parent, feelings of rejection and loss of self-esteem. If you seek a counseling as a couple, you both will be required to be open with each other about feelings of rejection, exhaustion, loneliness, and cooperate in carrying out your relationship, with all the changes that will occur during your life as a married couple.

After getting advice and discuss other ways to warm up your love life with your husband, Do you still believe that your body fat is a major barrier to making out with your husband? Try to exercise and eat a balanced diet to lose weight. But assure yourself that you are fat or slim, for your husband, you are a sexy mama!

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