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Understanding the behavior of men in terms of hormonal

Biologically, men are different from women. But apparently, there are many women who can not understand the behavior of their partner. This biological difference on the one hand can make men and women are mutually attracted to each other. But on the other hand, it could segregate men and women who previously united.

Hormonally, men have a hormone that works strongly opposed to female hormones. Things that can trigger stress in a woman can be very calming for men, and vice versa.

Examples are the levels of the male hormone testosterone. When a man under stress, he would deliberately look for activities that will boost testosterone levels. For example, by watching TV shows that make the brain go into mode "troubleshooting", or to repair damaged electronic goods, and others. When testosterone levels increase, the levels of stress will be reduced and it will feel happier.

Hormone testosterone

In contrast, women will actually feel much more stressed when their testosterone levels rise. As a result, they can not always understand the behavior of a man or men desire to do the things they do.

Another example of how the number of women who can not understand the behavior of men is when love and affection began to fade from their relationship. The man may be a figure of loving in the beginning of the relationship, but now he seems to be just touching the woman who became his partner when he wants sex.

If we look back on how the hormone testosterone in men, you will understand that at the beginning of the relationship, the men were fully be in fashion problem solving. He is working hard to make you fall in love with her.

Of course, after he managed to overcome the problem, he would look for other problems to be resolved. Another problem could be getting a promotion at work so that revenue can be increased, or find another way to pay the mortgage, or just fixing a leaky roof.

For men, it could be a "provider" is good for the woman who he loves will trigger an increase in testosterone levels in the body, which would reduce levels of stress and make it happier.

If after reading the above you still can not understand the behavior of your boyfriend or husband, it does not matter anyway ... Yet they also often do not understand your behavior.

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