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Halloo women... Do not overlong being single!

There are various reasons why at that age proceeded, a woman chooses to remain single life. Generally, such women not mean that they do not want to get married. But they delayed for various reasons. There are groundless because being single, they are free to realize the ambition or freedom in a career.

Another reason is the cause of women choose singleness is they do not want commitment and are still willing to express themselves in various ways. Not a few who are afraid to start a relationship. There is concern that perhaps when already married and had children, her career would be hampered. In addition, the lack of good interpersonal relationship with the opposite sex is also one of the causes of a woman chooses to stay be single. It could also be due to past trauma, lifestyle and life choices are decided.

Single woman

Cultural factor also affecting the choice of women to remain single. Typically, women are more likely to waiting "shot" than do active approach to the opposite sex. Her family also plays an important role. Not a few parent or close family that will determine the choice of candidates men who would accompany her daughter. They make the high standard so that the child does not dare to take a stand.

So what impact, if a woman is overlong being single? The impact is that it could be someone who is individualistic, lacking empathy, is lonely and egocentric. On the other hand, the single life can also have a positive impact. Among other things you can focus on careers, independent and be able to determine the direction of your own life. But keep in mind that in terms of the health of female anatomy and productive age, women who are too old single potential difficulties in sexual life and have children.

Therefore, if you are a woman, do not be too long should be single. Dare to try, to open up to the opposite sex. Even if you have experienced an unpleasant past, particularly in terms of relation with the opposite sex, try to forgive your past. Achievement complete woman is an achievement resulting from her role as wife, mother and career woman.

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