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How do you make sure that she is the right woman for you?

Not every woman out there is 'Miss Perfect'. So how do you distinguish a good woman with a woman who is not good? This is a major task that must be faced by every man who will step up to the stage of dating or courtship. Suppose you have known a woman for some time. You really fall in love with her. How do you make sure that she is the right woman for you?

The right woman

  1. She love you, not just like you. Love is important, so make sure what you feel for her is not just a phase 'crazy'. This phase will someday be gone. Make sure she feel the same way about you.
  2. She is willing to make every effort for the sake of you. For you may be tacky, but most women are willing to make every effort and do things cheap for their boyfriend in order to express their love. So, when a woman is willing to bother to create something very special for you, it means she really love you.
  3. She treats you with respect. She often boast of your greatness to others and never humiliate you in public.
  4. She is keeping secrets about things that happen between both of you.
  5. She is also willing to share the things that she did not want to share with anyone other than you.
  6. She is proud to introduce about you to her family and friends.
  7. You feel 'chemistry' very great between both of you. If you're nearby, you will not have to work hard to get excited.
  8. Most importantly, her presence on your side make you a better person. No matter what you do, she will believe in you and motivate you to achieve your dreams.

A woman did not come to you with the label 'Miss Perfect' on her shirt. But if you continue to feel the same feeling that she is the right woman for you, then perhaps she is the one. Choosing the wrong woman can lead to heartbreak and you are potentially wasting years of your life. Therefore, make sure that you think not only with the heart, but also with your head.

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