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10 Advantages of being a single man

Are you a single man who feel unhappy? Well, it's time to change your unhappiness be feeling happy. It's time to enjoying your status as a single man and felt proud of it. There are many things that can be done by the single men that can not be done by a man who has a girlfriend. Here are some of the advantages of being a single man, namely:

Advantage 1st# More time for friends and family
Dating requires a lot of time and commitment. Sometimes, have a girlfriend makes you difficult to divide time for family, friends and girlfriend. This problem is experienced by all the men who had a girlfriend. Are not you glad to be a single man?

Single but happy

Advantage 2nd# More economical
Go on a date and give a gift to your loved one requires (much) costs. You have to spend money not only on your girlfriend's birthday or the anniversary of your invented, but also on Valentine Day. If you are a single man, your expenditure are much lower. At least you only have to pay for yourself.

Advantage 3rd# More free
A single man does not have to subject to anyone. You do not should be enjoyable anyone but yourself. You do not need to make a silly reason to watch a soccer match or spend the evening chatting with your friends. You can do all you want to do, without having to ask the opinion of your girlfriend.

Advantage 4th# More opportunities
There are many women out there, so why be stuck with just one woman? The fact that you are single, it gives you a better chance to get to know more and more women.

Advantage 5th# Space broader movement
You can work freely and quietly. Sometimes spending time with yourself can be very enjoyable. It help you to reflect on your life and think better. When you are in a relationship, it is not always able to do.

Advantage 6th# Do not suffer from a broken heart
Because you do not fall in love with anyone, obviously there is no risk facing painful heartbreak.

Advantage 7th# Can concentrate on career
If you are a single, you can completely focus on your career without anyone distract you. As a result, you have a greater chance to be more successful in the next few years.

Advantage 8th# No emotional baggage
Because you are alone, no one who throws tantrums emotional at you that could eventually weaken you. You can do what you want to do and no one was hurt emotionally.

Advantage 9th# There is no need to compromise
You do not have to tolerate your girlfriend are fond of shopping or gossiping happy. You are a single who have the freedom to accept something fun and reject anything that is not fun for you.

Advantage 10th# It can be spontaneous
You can be spontaneous. You can make and reject plans suddenly without having to worry about someone angry at you. You are the sole ruler of your life. Your personal decision applies absolute and inviolable.

That was ten advantages of being a single man. You are not alone, many other singles out there. Rest assured that someday love will come to you. Until then, continue to enjoy the status of your single. Have a nice day. :)

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